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Availability of mercury pharma t4

I usually use mercury pharma t4, my local chemist says they can only get teva from their wholesalers. I've had a ring round my local chemists and not only cannot they supply me with mercury pharma in both 25 and 50 mcg but none of them have anything in those two sizes by the same manufacturer. I am cautious about mixing different makes. Can anybody think of a solution, I've got about 2 weeks supply so I am not desperate yet.

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Try Tesco. I find them helpful.

Though my last 25mcg was Eltroxin by Mercury Pharma. I am hoping they are still the same

I would not mix brands, especially Teva


I've got a telephone consult with gp on friday, l will ask for them to just prescribe an increased number of the 50mcg tablets and I will split one with my pill cutter. That way I will be able find something else that suits me and not have to take a mixed dose. Tesco say they can only get teva, must be cheaper. Thanks for your help. Gb.


Yes it is

I have Mercury Pharma written on my prescription, so they have to source it.


I have had a similar problem with some medication. Whenever they gave me the generic (cheapest) version my symptoms (pain) returned. My GP advised me about a small Pharmacy in the next town, that is family run and is not part of a large chain. A small independant pharmacy will try harder to help you as they want your custom, the large chains have their hands tied to some extent, and can only give you what their chain is supplying at any given time.

You could also see if you can find the Mercury Pharmacy customer service telephone number and ring them about the problems you are having. I have resorted to this in the past and they have been very helpful though it wasn’t Mercury. They will advise you if there is a supply problem.

Once when my Pharmacy we’re struggling to get my meds they ordered it as a “special”, but this meant I had to pay the charge of £30 for the special order. I am in the UK.

Hope you can get sorted.



Independent pharmacies can usually order whichever Levothyroxine you prefer. Ask your local pharmacies to contact concordiarxinternational.co... re getting Mercury Pharma 25mcg and 50mcg.


Ive sent concordia an email on the subject. No reply as yet. Thanks.

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