Hello, Any help is appreciated with this question! My 8 year old has Hashimoto's and is switching medications. How to transition?

She has been taking 37.5 mcg of Levothyroxine 3 days a week and on alternating days 25 mcg Levothyroxine with 1/4 grain (16.5 mcg) of nature throid 4 days a week. She is transitioning to 1/2 grain of WP Thyroid daily. Her Dr said a consistent daily dose is preferable and I am hoping it will bring down her antibodies which are still high. I don't have instructions on how to transition the medication, should I just do it cold turkey or taper down the Levothyroxine since it will stay in her blood stream for a week and bring up the WP Thyroid slowly? Does anyone else have children being treated with natural hormone and any suggestions for lowering antibodies? I read the Isabel Wetz (spelling?) book recommended to me by a generous person through this web site, and several others including Alan Christianson's and Healing Hashimoto's. Other titles are appreciated. She takes 100 mcg selenium and probiotics and has many foods she avoids including gluten and soy. Thanks for all help!!! Much appreciated.

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  • Because she is a child you need to be careful but 1 grain of Armour or NDT roughly equals 60mcg of Thyroxine

    so replacing 1/2 grain WP for every 25 mcg of Thyroxine every 2 weeks is how our GP changed my husband over from thyroxine to Armour

    If your daughter is like my husband or my grandaughter she will indeed feel much better on WP but do please be very sure to get her ferritin and folate levels checked too because these along with vit b12 , vit b, vit c , magnesium, zinc ,calcium,vit d3 all plummet long before the hashimotos ever gets diagnosed and without ferritin and folate being above halfway in their ranges she may well not be able to onvert the t4 thats in Thyroxine or the t4 portion of WP so you may need to exchange more WP for thyroxine than the above guide

    its my humble experience with my grandaughters plus the advice on tpauk.com but i am trying to find conclusive evidence for this to post on the forum

  • Her physician equated 1/2 grain to 50 mcg of WP thyroid. Maybe Armour translates differently?

  • Hi I would first make sure her TSH , T4 and FT3 are right for this treatment. FT3 must never go over range, All NDT`s contain t3, which is good but not if it pushes the FT3 over range. I would just start on half a grain, they are very different meds, then 6 weeks a test for tSH T4 and FT3. Then think of altering the dose. Make sure she has had the other relevant tests especially vit D, hormonal

    It is not clear, is she under a good paed Endo? She needs to be , it is so important for a child.

    Best wishes to both,


  • Hello Jackie,

    Thank you for your information. She does have the FT3 checked with each 6 week blood lab test although I don't think she has had Vit D or "hormonal?" tests. I will request them. She is little so hopefully the 1/2 grain will not need to be raised. She is not under a good Paed Endo because I can't find one who will consider natural hormone even in combination with synthetic. I'm in the U.S. but would appreciate any names if anyone knows of any. She is under the care of an Integrative Medicine M.D. and a Naturopath N.D. and a primary care M.D. Unfortunately not an Endo yet although I am actively searching.

  • Sorry, been in hospital , emergency, came home late yesterday.There are lot of hormonal tests relating to thyroid, Diabetes and b 12 both also autoimmune and B 12 needs to be high in range. Vit D is Endo and greatly effects the thyroid, it is Endo`s field as are all are above.D often low in children. My grand daughter used to go, when a child to GOSH, Great Orman street , London.. However, they, although brilliant will follow the standard treatment. A child needs to be treated totally different to an adult, very important too.NHS would not use any thing natural! My Endo does treat some children but not a Paeds, very good and has a daughter, lovely and open minded. In the NHS very bound by rules, privately some flexibility.I believe the States is worse!If I can give you m ore Info, send me a PM. Click on my name.


  • I grain of Armour = 60mcg of thyroxine according to the patient info leaflet

    Really must be one very good physician to agree to try a child on WP/ERFA/NDT/Armour

    My personal view is he is correct as the t1 t2 t3 t4 and calcitonin is more balanced for the body than ever thyroxine could be

  • Thank you. She is seeing an integrative M.D. and a Naturopath N.D. who have collaborated to arrive at this dosage. Her Pediatric endocrinologist wouldn't consider natural hormone. After researching extensively I felt strongly that at least a combination of synthetic and natural hormone treatment was critical for growth and development. She also has a primary care physician. We are in the U.S.

  • Check out Hypothyroidmom, Thyroid Sexy and Mary Shomon's Facebook pages for advice on paediatric endos. Most run lists of recommended good thyroid physicians.

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