Just found out im pregnant....now what?

Hi folks,

Havent been on for aged, been feeling well for the most part.

Found out im pregnant today, its ridiculously early but ive been testing early as i know i will have to have bloods done.

Last bloods in january were

Tsh 0.22 (0.27-4.2)

T4 18 (10-22)

Im on 100 levo. I also take nutri thyroid and have been getting on really well with them, does anyone know if they are safe during pregnancy?

I guess i just need some advice about what to do next...im over the moon but worried about increased misvarriage risks etc..

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These are the clinical knowledge summaries produced by NICE. They are, effectively, guidelines your doctor should be following when treating you.



Click on the various tabs on the left hand side that apply to you. You are probably most likely to be interested in the Management and Prescribing Information tabs. I would print out the bits that are relevant to you and take them with you to your doctor. You should make an appointment as soon as possible because you should have your levo dosage increased.

Good luck. :)

And congratulations!


Undiagnosed and under medicated hypothyroidism are the risks for miscarriage. Your Levo should be increased by 50mcg ASAP and you should be referred to an endo. Bloods to be tested every 4 weeks.

Please read thyroidchange.org/2/pos... and hypothyroidmom.com/what-eve... There are other links on the site re pregnancy, foetal development and post partum hypothyroidism.

Congratulations and you will be excited.

You need an increase in your meds whilst pregnant and your GP should prescribe. This is a link:-


This is a post I just read re pregnancy:-


Thankyou all so much for your replies and links...if my levels are still good will i need an immediate increase?

Also, i would love to jnow about nutri thyroid, i really want to keep takung them as i feel so well on them ..i have no idea how they work but they do!!!!

Thabks again everyone xxx

your gp should referer you to a combined ante natal / endocrine clinic as sometimes medication need tweeking during pregnancy. Hope all goes well. I am a Midwife and have safely delivered lots of women on thyroxine medication. good luck

You need an increase in your levo during pregnancy. If your GP doesn't know about this then ask him to refer you to either an obstetrician or, at a push, an endo! This is very important. Congratulations on your pregnancy! Barbaraj


I suppose im just wondering how soon i will need an increase, will try and see doc today and discuss these things.

Some medics have recommended an immediate increase. As soon as you know.


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