For Graves sufferer's

Looks interesting.

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  • I can't get the link to work which is odd because I read about this earlier in the week when someone else posted it then lost the link and wasn't able to get back to it which seemed very strange.

    Hopefully someone will post a working link again.

  • Hahaha oh dear it wont work for me either, sorry! I'll see what I can do?!

  • If the link takes you through to the Medical News website, type Graves disease into the search box and it's the third item down on the list. Sorry it's so convoluted!

  • Thanks, I found it. Interesting when you type in Graves Disease to see all the mentions of ongoing projects. I always felt that apart from anti thyroid drugs then TT or RAI or that was all you were ever likely to get - maybe in the future someone will find a cure that will leave you feeling good. :-)

  • Because they are the only things the Endo's tell us we can choose from! and for most it's just a choice of the last two.

  • I know, you have to wonder if any of them are aware if the research that is being done. Once the public to know there might be another option sometime in the future they will all be trying to hang on to their thyroids.

  • I'm going to carry on hanging on to mine!

  • Same here and this is just the kind of information I need as back up if I don't stay in remission and want to decline their offer of RAI.

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