Graves, under & now over

Diagnosed with Graves' disease 12 years ago. Had radioactive iodine treatment went underactive - 50 microgram levothyroxine, then 75 microgram. Treated for breast cancer 2010 and been on Arimidex for 5 years. Suddenly thyroid has become overactive again reduced dose levothyroxine to 50 and very recently 25 awaiting appointment with endo. Has anyone else had strange problems with levels?

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  • Hi Chorton ,I have graves had Rai 7yrs ago have been hypo ever since. I have heard that people with Graves who have had Rai can have thyroid start working again and have had Rai treatment again or even gone for surgery,dont think it's common but can happen.

  • Thank you, I think I am starting to learn that uncommon situations seem to find me :-)

  • Yes it happened to me. Had a subtotal thyroidectomy for Graves as a teen and went underactive. Was stable on 100mcg for 30+ years and suddenly became overactive again. A scan showed that my thyroid had regrown some tissue. When reducing the meds down didn't work I had to come off completely for a while which sent straight under. I no longer tolerate Eltroxin in any kind of normal dose so am now on 12.5/25mcg on alternate days. Awaiting results of blood tests to see where I am now. Not feeling right yet.

  • Thank you Agho, hope you are soon feeling back to normal.

  • Just established at Dr's that I never had RAI treatment 12 years ago - only Carbinozole and reverted to under and now gone over. Really not too sure what my body is doing right now.

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