Stop the Thyroid Madness?

Hi. I'm new to this and was diagnosed hypo in January and finally started on Levo 50 mcg February. My gp took some convincing even though I'm on the floor (TSH of 8.39.) I love this forum and am using all the fab advice ( getting my vits and mins right and trying ( ha ha) to exercise gently as best I can). I can't get my bloods tested for another 3 weeks to get an increase of meds and have ordered a book called Stop The Thyroid Madness. Has anyone read it? Is it any good? Whilst I'm prepared to take responsibility for my own health there's a mine field of info to plough through.

I welcome your honest thoughts! 😀

Thank You

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  • Worth reading imo, I did when first learning about hypothyroidism. Very much focused on NDT and following their advise to increase meds by symptoms every 1-2 weeks until symptom free got me over medicated and ended up having to start from scratch. Most symptoms never improved. But don't regret buying it and still pick it up to look up things now and then 🙂

  • I agree. The STTM book (as it's often referred to) contains a lot of useful information, especially for newly diagnosed people, but is very biased and sings the praises of NDT. I sometimes get the impression the moderators of the STTM forum (founded by the book's author) consider everyone not doing well on NDT as ignorant...meaning they have yet to discover that NDT is the best thyroid hormone replacement drug available. Although I seem to do best on NDT myself, I know of people who do better on T3 only, or on synthetic T4 and T3, or even T4 only drugs, so it's not as black and white as the STTM seems to think...

  • Thank you 😀. Worth knowing!

  • Also - the Thyroid and How to keep it Healthy - by Dr Barry Durrant Peatfield. STTM is good but American - Dr Peatfield is from the UK.

  • That sounds like it may be more useful to me. I find the updates interesting but treatment is so different in the UK. 😬

  • Thanks Marz just bought it ☺

  • I have the STTM 2 book. I thought it was an informative resource. Recommended!

  • just read this got the books on the way ;-)

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