Levothyroxine and T3

Hello, I've just seen Dr Paul Ryan at Medway and he has prescribed me 10mg of T3 to be taken with 150mg of Levo. He has specifically said I should take it a 9am every morning. I currently take my levo when I go to bed. Since taking the t3 I feel absolutely exhausted, however I have been taking it at night with my levo. (only 2 days)

My questions are:

Should I take the levo and t3 together?

Can I take it at night or is t3 needed to be taken in the morning?

Has anyone else felt more fatigued taking t3?

Thank you everyone


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  • Hi Sarah,personally I find T3 first thing is best,it has a short life.

  • Thank you

  • My doc says you don't have to worry about taking t3 on an empty stomach if that helps at all. So if you like you can continue to take your t4 at night and take your t3 in the morning.

    Have you heard about the circadian method? I take my t3 about three hours before I get up in the morning. If you have adrenal issues it is meant to help.

    What really matters is that you do what makes you feel good. :-)

  • Thank you. That's v helpful xxx

  • No probs. :-)

    You may find it too stimulating in the evenings so perhaps you're not getting good quality sleep - ? If it isn't working out brilliantly straight away, you can always split the dose, or just take half for a few days. Ten is not a lot, so 5 probably won't make much difference, but some people do best when they ease into meds gradually.

    Forgot to say that when I take my t3 early, if I take enough of it. it really helps me wake up easily and cheerfully. Found I was a bit groggy when I got up so instead of taking half my t3 in the morning I take most of it and then take the rest in the afternoon.

    I hope it helps you. xx

  • Thank you. I find it's like a sleeping tablet! I took it at 9am this morning like dr told me and I have had to have a sleep! It's a good solid sleep though so that's something! I have read it can cause insomnia....not for me! Lol

  • Horses for courses. :-) I was like this on fluoxetine - 'it may make you feel overstimulated' but I took it at bedtime because I couldn't keep my eyes open for about an hour after I took it.

  • Glad to hear from all those who have benefited from T3, sadly it didn't agree with me and I felt unwell, am now on T4 only as before and I feel back to normal. My reason for taking T3 was to ease my joint pains but will never know if it would have helped. The T3 also appeared to aggravate symptoms of angina. I don't want to be a scare-monger but just saying it is not for everybody. I went into it with much enthusiasm as so many people were promoting the benefit of T3, this made me rather blind as to any adverse effects, so it is always good to have an open mind.

  • Im the opposite. It hardly affects me, I have to go really over to get any palpitations never mind heart pains. T4, on the other hand, made me blow up like a balloon! :D

  • Yes, me too - face, arms, legs, torso, everything was full of fluid. As little as 10mcg t3 fixed it.

  • Taking all my T3 at night does lead to a poor nights sleep for me as I seem to sleep very lightly. I take one tablet as my head hits the pillow, so i have a little reserve to wake up to, then my next one as soon as I'm awake. Then my next within 2-3 hours, then my fourth about mid afternoon, adjusting as I need to. I do feel a little washed up on T3 long term, but I've tried t4/t3, t4 only and liquid t4 in case it was an absorption issue. All with similar results. T3 all the way for me, I just wish I could take more as I do feel low, but I'm told I'm a little high. Im a heavy set 17 stone male and just over 6ft, they don't seem to make allowances for size with thyroxine in the same way they do for other medications. Still attending Endo 2 years on :(

  • You're right they don't. That was my parting qu to the dr. Are meds based on age, weight etc? No. He wasn't terribly helpful tbh. So far I'm not enjoying this t3 lark!

  • I split my T3. I take half about mid-late afternoon and take the rest just before I switch my light off and go to sleep. I think it improves the quality of my sleep.

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