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What Is Lyme Disease?

JaneB posted earlier about "Rare Disease Day". One of the 'rare diseases' is Lyme Disease which many of us know little about. Dr. Neil Nathan wrote a forward for a book which gives a short history of his involvement with treating Lyme and the advances that have been made. For those that would like to understand more I suggest this link. PR

He also has a short explanation of the methylation protocol which relates to CFS and ME.

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Thanks for posting! :)


Thanks for posting this PR4NOW. I can't speak highly enough of Dr. Nathan and his associates. He also has a brilliant book called "Healing is Possible" which connects many of the dots connecting thyroid disease, CFS, fibromyalgia, methylation, Lyme Disease, toxic moulds, chronic viral disease,

magnesium deficiency and SOOOO much more.

This is also well worth a listen -

What a lovely man he is. Jane x

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