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Newbie: Hypothyroidism & lack of Weight loss

Good morning all,

I was diagnoised In November with an underactive thyroid and put on Eltroxin only 50micrograms.

Since July last year i have gained a stone, and i can not for love nor money shift it, I am in the gym 4 times a week, I walk 2 kms a day, I eat small and frequent meals and I avoid carbs 99% of the time.

Basically I am doing everything thath the book says to help move / shift the weight but NOTHING is happening.

The Doctor said to me when I started on Eltroxin in November was I would see the weight drop off me.............. still waiting.

If anyone has any thoughts, experiences etc please please let me know, I am going back to see him tomorrow and I want to have as broad a picture as i possibly can.



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50mcg of Levothyroxine is a small dose. Have you got your latest blood test results? If you don't know what they are, phone your surgery and ask them to give it to you over the telephone (including the reference ranges). Then post them here and someone will get back to you.


Thanks for this ill try to get these this morning.


Chances are you are undermedicated and even when you are well medicated your weight wont just drop off as your gp suggested that is a really irresponsible thing to say. It will come off with the regime you describe though that sound really tough it must feel so disheartening working that hard and not even losing an ounce, try and discuss an increase in levo with your gp and hopefully you will eventually start losing. It can be done I've lost 3st 4lbs so far but it has taken 3yrs (although im not nearly as strict on myself as you are so it does go a lot slower then).


Thanks for this, that is what I was thinking.


Hi and welcome aboard.

Take a look at this link regarding diet and exercise when you are hypo.

What it is saying (as I know for someone who is new to all this it will be confusing) is that the more you exercise and diet the more you are rendering the little bit of levo you are taking useless.

I would get your levo increase sorted first, if you need one, and then think about cutting down the amount of exercise and dieting you are doing. Taking gluten out of the diet is always good when you have thyroid troubles and can lead to some excellent results.

Moggie x


Yes, taking gluten out of the diet whenever possible works every time for me. I lost 7kg in just 4 months purely by cutting out gluten. I was eating everything else. I am however on quite a high dose of NDT (natural desiccated thyroid) at the same time.


I feel much better without gluten but it's doing zilch for my weight loss! I have lost a total of 8lbs in 7 weeks (5 of them in the 1st week). I seem to go up and down for no reason. I am doing Slimming World so am eating plenty and for exercise I walk about an hour each day, which doesn't seem excessive to me. Wish I knew the answer :-(


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