Got Graves blood results today from GP. She says I am now Euthyroid I presume normal!! I've to reduce my carbimazole from 10mgs to 5mgs

I'm not too sure as my TSH is still low could someone please tell me if she's right!!

TSH. LT0.01 <<. mU/L. Range 0.04 - 4.0

FREE THYROXINE. 14.2. ** Pmol/L. Range. 9.8 - 18.8

FREE T3. 5.7. Pmol/L. Range 3.3 - 6.1


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  • Hi I am recently diagnosed with Graves.My endo told me it can take years for tsh to catch up with t4 and t3 levels.He said he is more interestef in Graves antibodies dropping.I am no expert but this is what I was told.Are you due to see your endo anytime soon? How ling have you been on carbimazole?

  • Hi I've only been on Carbimazole about 7wks my results when I started were Free Thyroxine. 31.0 TSH 0.01. Free T3 13.2. I'm not due to see my Endo til June. I just wondered if GP was right as my TSH is still the same and low! Didn't want to query it with her if it's ok for my TSH to be low and my other results within Range x

  • I agree with p1pp1ns, it takes much longer for your TSH to recover, T4 and T3 drop more quickly. Your doctor is being sensible trying a drop in dose, because if you carry on the way you are you'll end up hypo and you really don't want that. As long as you are being regularly monitored you'll be OK. So have your bloods checked a month after the drop to see how you're doing.

    Obviously go back sooner if you feel you've gone hyper again.

  • Thanks Hampster. When I came home and looked at results properly and realised my TSH was still low I thought she'd maybe missed that! I've to go back in 2 months but she did say if I felt unwell sooner to go back and they would get my bloods checked. X

  • Hi that seems a long time to endo visit have you actually see one yet? I see mine every month.

  • Hi I've only seen Endo once and he said I'd to have 2 monthly blood tests and see him in 6 months!! X

  • I responded extremely well to carb, last Feb TSH flatlined and T4 nearly 70, was put on 40mg carb and propanalol..... now all bloods normal (did not do block and replace, had monthly blood tests and took the carb required according to results.) now on 5mg every other day and told 40 per cent chance of remission. Feel very well, despite the 7kg I've put on in last year and fighting to lose...x

  • Hi Tilly I was only concerned as my TSH was still the same 0.01 but doc said I was fine and we didn't discuss my TSH. Feel ok apart from not sleeping and yes I've gained weight but only about 3kg so can cope with that

  • Sorry should have said, TSH does take some time to catch up.... maybe six sleeping now much better... if you need a ,little help melatonin is pretty good x

  • Thanks for that Tilly and will definitely give melatonin a try x

  • Hi tilly do you need a prescription for melatonin and if not can you recommend a good place to buy? Thanks

  • Hi , it's been so long since I bought it can't remember but on the bottle it says Eurovital Melatonin 3mg, we got it online.... xx

  • Thanks Tilly

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