Vitamin D spray

I restarted my Levo today and I've had a change of plan - I decided to also restart my Vitamin D today as well. (Better You D: Lux Spray @ 3000IU) When I took it before, I sprayed it ON my tongue but upon going on the official Better You site I have found that taking it UNDER the tongue is more ideal.

One thing I was wondering is, is it normal for the bottom of the tongue to feel tingly after applying the spray underneath? Just a thought...


Jo xxx

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  • Yes, it is normal.

  • Thanks for your reply.

    Just wondering. I feel silly for asking such a thing now as it's normal! I guess that means it's working!

    Jo xxx

  • don't forget that some meds need a few weeks /days to actually start to have any kind of effect on your system ----- some can take a matter of hours ---- but they are all different in effectiveness....alan x

  • Hi Alan, thanks for your reply.

    Maybe it was just a coincidence that I felt mildly better after taking it - or that I'm now making a difference to my health!

    Jo xxx

  • Your question reminded me to take mine so I had a quick squirt and yes, you could probably say it feels a bit tingly. Also feels a bit like sucking in a lemon for a few seconds. The spray I am using at the moment is the same as what you are using, 3000, the first one I had was only 1000 and tasted different, not nearly as strong, I noticed a marked difference in taste when I changed over. Suppose you could always get the 1000 and take three sprays of it either at the same time or throughout the day. Great stuff though.

  • Hi fruitandnutcase, thanks for your reply.

    It is great stuff, I agree. Today is my first day of retaking it and I found it better under the tongue than what I did before (which was on top) - silly me didn't read the directions of use! :)

    Jo xxx

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