Swollen thymus gland, swollen ankles, swollen feet...swollen blooming everything :-(

Here I am again :-( this time with a swollen lump in the middle of my chest which I have worked out to be my thymus. But now I'm panicking as the "C" word keeps coming up when I google swollen thymus gland.

At my last endo visit, I was starting to swell in my ankles. I mentioned this to her and she suggested the inflammation was down to food intolerances, I disagreed. However she reduced my T4 to 100 from 125 based on a suppressed TSH (even though my T4 was low in range) but she did raise my T3 from 10 to 20. I did post my results at the time of my last blood test.

5 weeks later I'm feeling soooooooooo fed up with this roller coaster journey of hypothyroidism that seems to have gone on for years.

I'm clearly under medicated, my hair is falling out again, the swelling in my feet and ankles is dreadful, my face is puffy, my airways feel as though they are restricted, I'm wheezing. My eyesight is blurry, I'm saying the wrong words in my sentences. I am however feeling more awake in the mornings.

I'm off for yet another blood test at 6 weeks and will then go off for another endo appt. I'm very worried that my TSH will be low in range, T4 & T3 in range and she won't change medication. Not sure I can cope anymore with this swelling. I am also very worried about the swelling in the centre of my chest. Can anyone shed any light on this and help put my mind at ease??

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hi there.i cant offer you any advice etc btu have similar to you.i have a fatty area in the middle of my chest and all my less- than -helpful gp said was "I dont know what that is".never heard of thymus gland .have to look that one up.my ankles are also now swollen.deserate to get at least some answers so seeing private gp in august(for pelvic pain )tho going with a timescale fro the last 3 years.i thinki have thyoiridsm tho gp says not-TSH 3,36.other shave said is too high.have tightness in neck which is worsening and difficulty swallowing hope you get a result soon


Thanks for responding and I'm so sorry you are suffering too. It does sound like you have hypothyroid symptoms. I'm off to the endo in a few weeks and I'll see what she has to say about the swelling. I'll post on here if it is of any use. How long have you had the swelling in your chest area?

it s been a good couple of years .one of the many htings I have been to gp with and not got answers for /hes dismissed.

Oh dear, I'm sorry :-( how can doctors just dismiss these sorts of things?? Healthy people do not just get random lumps appear for no reason! Fact is, we have something wrong with us, sort it doc!!!

I t is just my gp being cantankerous.he got narked cos I went on the internet(and HU when I discovered it)to get answers he or consultants weren't giving me.now really concerned about pelvic pain-bone feels much harder and spreading to groin and upwards and area feels swollen too/also feel"leaky".another thing to add to list to discuss with him(if I say ask him or question him get even less further towards a diagnosis.they really do need to listen to their patients and not just what path labs/radiologists say.he told me last visit they only say "what things are not".we need to know what they are.if mine turns out to be serious then will sue the NHS.

I don't think they have a clue about swelling. This is a link:-


I am not sure about the swelling in your chest area but hopefully she will refer you to someone who does know.

Many thanks for this link shaws! x

I am so sorry for you because I am the same and have not found the right mixture of drugs yet.You must pursue this thymus problem and have it investigated.Hassle the doctor. Will be thinking of you.

Hi ambuna. I first went to dt with badly swollen ankles and throat problems . He said TSH was 4 and didn't help. I later found I am autoimmune and TSH is continuing to rise

Ask doc to do blood test for antibodies as your symptoms cd suggest autoimmune condition. Good luck.

Debby, See your GP about the swollen thymus, it's not an endocrinological gland. In any case, lumps should be investigated now, not in a couple of weeks. Cancer of the thymus is rare but benign tumours need investigation too.


Hi Clutter, I will do. It is bothering me and I don't think I should just sit on it. I'll make an appt tomorrow. Thanks for link x

hi clutter .thanks ive just read that link.it says about hoarseness and a cough which ive had and put ti down to having hiatus hernia and acid reflux/maybe it s that all along.

The thymus needs to be enlarged too, Anbuma.

hi yes looked up thymus gland and it said something like it disappears during adulthood and can be replaced with fatty tissue but linked to thyroid.may have got it wrong but general gist.think mine is just fatty tissue btu I need an expalnati9on for the tightness etc in neck

If the swelling is a hard lump at the bottom of the breastbone, then it's probably the cartilagenous tip of the breastbone (called the xyphoid process) poking out. Mine does, and if I push on it, it hurts. (One of my cats has it, too; hers is a large roundish lump I was terrified was cancer, but the vet said it's just the xyphoid.)

Can't add to the excellent replies above, only to say, don't knock the food allergies/intolerances. We thyroidies are very prone to immune system disruption and having a problem where our immunity turns against us. The thymus is critically involved in the immune response, producing fighter cells that fight against infection. I can't say that you have an autoimmune problem, but I will stick my neck out and say that it is highly probable. Cut out wheat and sugar for at least 2 weeks - see how you feel. If when you reintroduce them you feel c**p - you'll have an answer. If you can't cut out both at once, stick to wheat in all its forms. Seriously - I will bet you notice a difference.

Good luck be on your side!

Hi debsydoorknocker. Just wondering if there's any update on your condition since you posted this. I too have dreadful non pitting swelling in ankles which doc said was myxedema. I'm waiting for Endo referral and have no meds at moment although doc said TSH was 11 and I'm autoimmune. I can't bear the swelling which gets worse when sitting and feet go numb. Have you had any joy with relieving your own symptoms yet? Also years ago I was referred for scan of what I think must be the thymus as it was throbbing (?) along with heart palpitations particularly when I lay down. I was prob starting with thyroid prob but didn't know it. Results said normal and it was put down to anxiety etc which means your prob could well be tied in with thyroid and all the symptoms that go with that maybe? Best wishes for some much needed relief x

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