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I have been diagnosed with hashimoto havyng antibodies for the past 7 years. Have been taking T4 pill for the same period , feeling well,

Hormones within normal ranges but always having antibodies. In my last lab tests the anribodies dissapeared! My endo said this is because my thyroid is destroyed and has shrunk but the scan shows that my thyroid has nornal size and does nor mention any fibrus tissue. Does somebody know how the antobodies dissapeared. I take various supplements like selenium, zinc, panthenine, biotine, NAC, glutamine, vitaminD3, C

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Please can you give us the following:

Latest thyroid bloods with the ranges

Dose of levo (T4) and make

Any symptoms you are having


This information will help people to better offer informed support.





TSH 2.95,

FT4 1.38

FT3 2.4

Tg 4.2

Anti TPO less than 5

Anti TgAb less than 5 (for both antibodies the lab gives as a normal/reference range less than 5)

I take T4 75 mg levothyroxine sodium by UNifarma

My endo asked me to increase the dose to 88mg daily. Started taking the new dose today, too early I think to feel the difference.

thank you very much for the suggestion!

hope someone can answer me!



Actually i feel well, i was wondering if i could stop taking the levo pill


Are you sure the lab didn't just forget to test for antibodies? Or didn't write the figure down? From what I've read on this forum some labs seem to make their own decision about what test to do or leave out.

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