Keyhole thyroid surgery

I am thinking of doing keyhole thyroid surgery. I have a complex cyst which needs to be removed. Has anybody undergone this surgery with Dr Dae Kim in the UK? Was it successful as I understand there are a few risks. Was the cut only 2cm? Would be grateful of any information.

Feedback re Dr. Kim via private messages please in accordance with posting guideline #25, thank you, Admin.

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  • Welcome to the forum, Kamarina.

    I had a partial thyroidectomy to remove a large nodule followed by completion surgery 3 months later through the original incision. The scar is around 2cm, maybe smaller, and is a thin white line inside the hollow of my throat.

  • Thanks for your reply. Which hospital did you do this keyhole surgery please? Because and I need a professional surgeon to remove mine? Your reply will be most helpful!!!

  • Kamarina, It wasn't described as keyhole surgery to me. I had it done at Enfield Chase Hospital in north London. I highly recommend the maxillo facial surgeon who did my surgery. He is NHS but does private work too. PM me if you want his name.

  • Kamarina, I've sent you a PM. Click on the bubble next to your username on the green HU banner and select Messages to read it.

  • Just to tell you thank you as I had a consultation with him yesterday he told me I should not remove it but to take another biopsy in 6 months time. Nice weekend:))

  • Kamarina, Mr.H? That's good anyway, he can't think it is malignant.

    I've just seen your response below. The surgery was done with instruments through the 2cm incision with one long running stitch to close the incision.

  • Yes Mr H. Thank you so much once again!!

  • Sorry about that just joined so completely new to this. I managed to open the link thank you so much. so I now I have the surgeons name thank you. So this surgeon you sent me link to is the man who managed to take out your thyroids with just a 2cm opening?? Without keyhole surgery meaning no instruments?

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