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Hypothyroid 4 years, I have been feeling increasingly showing more symptoms but my levels are rising?

Hi all and thanks in advance :) I'm 18 and was diagnosed with hypothyroidism at 14. The medication (varying between 100 and 175mg over the years) has been good and working well until the past few months where I've been getting more tired, gaining weight (about a stone in 6 months) , weaker, dry skin etc but every time I get a blood test and see the doctor, they insist my levels are increasing and I'm being over-treated so they lower my dosage. Obviously this is opposite to how I'm feeling! Ha ha! What should I do about it? Could this be symptoms of something else? It's been impacting my A Level work and I really want to do well and be healthy! Ha ha! Thanks again!

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Do you have your actual results and could you post them, then someone might be able to help. Perhaps you have a problem converting T4 to T3? I find the tests are unreliable - do you avoid taking your thyroxine on day of test? This can give false high readings, but doctors don't admit this.

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When they use the term levels....meaning plural....which ones are they talking about. I thought the norm was TSH and T4. Well, if your TSH is rising that is not good. If your FT4 is rising it may mean you are not converting well as Aurealis mentioned. Request to see your levels and review the changes. A comparison of the two is a fair request since you have SYMPTOMS. If your TSH has gone above 2, you probably would have symptoms.


Hi there, could you get your actual results and put them here, with the ranges?

Unfortunately just testing the TSH is not a very effective way of getting your dosage right, because it is reduced disproportionately when you are on thyroid medication. The pituitary is the most sensitive to thyroid hormone of all our organs, but does not reflect what's happening in the rest of the body.

It also is just possible that you are getting a hyper phase which can happen f you have an autoimmune form of thyroid disease. The actual blood test figure might help to show if this is the case.

I was diagnosed with thyroid disease at age 13 and I really feel for you, it DOES have a tremendous impact on school work. The stress could adversely affect your adrenals, too, which makes it difficult for you to utilise the Thyroxine properly, so that although you might show sufficient thyroid hormone in the bloodstream, it's not actually going anywhere because it is not being converted into the active hormone T3.

If you can get those results I am sure it will help you to get better help and advice.

Marie XX


Hi there Highfive.

I've had autoimmune hypo for about 3 years and had a real battle with my docs getting the meds right. I think people (ourselves as well as the docs) underestimate how stress affects us! You know your body best and as you have been dealing with this over a number of years. You may need a slightly higher dose over the next fewer tha while you cope with your A levels.

As the other guys who have responded have already said, if you can post your results they can get a better picture. But speak to your Doc / Gp and explain how you feel. It may work ;] Good luck with the exams! X


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