Tests say my levels are normal but i still have symptoms

Had no real symptoms until doctor started me on a course of tablets for my underactive thyroid. Now i am on 50mg and I have all the classic symptoms. Cold, exhausted, dry skin and thinning hair as well as very poor concentration. Just got bloods back and have been told everything is fine i don't need to change my dosage. Can any one advise me on what to do? Do I stop taking meds as I had no symptoms before this all started or do I persist with trying to get my meds increased to alleviate the symptoms. Thanks in advance xx

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  • Do you have copies of your results with the reference ranges that you can post on here so people can help to answer your question?

    Doctors often say levels are 'normal' when they are anything but optimal for the individual. If you don't have them I would recommend you ask the receptionist for a printout. You do need the reference ranges too. You are legally entitled to copies of your tests under the data protection act.

  • Hi As above. also did you have tSH, T4 and Free T3 tested, impossible for a doc to know without these. If not done, it is costs. Use to be and my endo still thinks essential, so do I.

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  • Have no idea what has or hadn't been tested for. Beginning to feel my doc isn't that clued up on condition, very dismissive. Hence finding advice and support here. Got doc appointment tomorrow and will go with this information. Doc also refuses to give me a script for more than 28days at a time so forever running back and forth to GP. Can I request a longer script? Forgive the novice approach but getting this diagnosis has floored me and my health seems to not be improving. Like many I am sure, before this came along I was running around 100miles a hour, now I struggle to keep going till the kids get home from school!!

  • Hi The refusing script even for cardiac pills is becoming the norm, all down to NHS rules and wastage. Been through this battle, lost!The problem with GP`s and thyroid is exactly right.As common they think they know it all,. I think we all have had to have battles with them., which is not nice.

    Re tests, normally you just ask the receptionist, or hospital secretary, for results of test, but make sure that you also ask for ranges. They do ask a doc for permission, routine, you are entitled to them. Your blood. The other thing is when ever having a test, at the time, ask exactly what it is for. You are entitled to this info or it is assault!

    Let us know how you get on.If no good, even at this stage, ask for a referral to an endo, of your choice, not the GP`s!

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  • Ok, so i went to the doc. I was tested only for tsh - range 0.35-5.5, and I fall right in the middle with 2.21. Asked about the other tests (t4 and t3) was informed that these were only done only to diagnose not to determine if the patient has responded to treatment and so were not tested for. Booked in for a blood test next week to determine iron level as well as rule out diabetes (didn't see that one coming). So upshot is: doc won't increase levels of Levothyroxine, but will do a full blood test.Thanks for your help I'll keep you posted

    Bw Chasingbudda :-)

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