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Supplements and questions about Hemithyroidectomy


So I have just phoned the hospital and said that I wish to go ahead with a Hemithyroidectomy after getting two thy 1 inconclusives and one Thy 3a FNA result.

I have been told it will happen within 6 weeks.

I wondered if anyone had any advice re supplements to take pre and post opp to help with the process ?

Clutter made a few suggestions about supplements in another of my posts ( thanks again ) but would like to hear others experiences with supplements /oils / alternative stuff too.

Is it worth me getting Biooil to help with the scar ?

Also - this may be a dumb question but will that side of my neck be flatter post op than the other side because half my thyroid has been removed ?



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1000mg slow release Vitamin C to help with healing. I was advised by my dentist to take it following some dental surgery and when I was discussing that with a friend she said she had been advised by a consultant many years ago to give it to her son to help healing when he broke his arm. What about CoQ10 too?

Can't help with the scar and the bio oil although you see good reports on that.


Hi Melissa,

Glad you've been able to make a decision. Fingers crossed the histology will be benign.

I was given chloramphenicol, an antibiotic eye cream to put on the wound. Worked a treat, can barely see the scar.

You won't have any exterior signs that you've had half your thyroid removed. It's a small gland, disproportionately small considering the havoc it causes when it goes wrong.


Thanks for the replies.

Clutter - yes I decided the anxiety was doing me no good at all. This has all been going on for over 6 months now so at least I will know one way or another if i have it removed. I think in some ways it would jut be easier if I had a definite FNA but it was not to be...

I am frightened about the surgery. I've never had general anaesthetic but my daughter had to have a general when she had some teeth removed. It really upset me watching her just slide away. She was of course absolutely fine !

I have a 17 year old and a 3 year old and I keep worrying that I won't be there for them. I think I may go to see my doctor later as being in a state of anxiety waiting for the surgery is not going to be doing me any good either. The surgery should happen at some point in the next 6 weeks...

I will make sure to ask for the chloramphenicol. A barely visible scar would be rather nice :)




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