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TSH 11.2 serum free T4 in range at 15.8

Has my results back and my GP agrees that my thyroid is clearly not working as it should be. The lab declined testing my T3 despite having severe Hypo symtoms and taking 100mcg of Levo daily. He is ringing them to ask if they will reconsider but referring me to Endo also.

Here are some if the other results if anyone can shed some light please :)

Serum ferritin-no action

65ug/L 13.00-150.00ug/L

Bone profile-no action

Corrected serum calcium level 2.31mmol/L 2.20-2.60mmol/L

Serum inorganic phosphate

1.20 mol/L 0.80-1.50mmol/L

Serum albumin 45g/L 35.00-50.00g/L

Serum total protein 67g/L 60.00-80.00g/L

Serum globulin 22g/L 19.00-35.00g/L

Serum alkaline phosphatase 65u/L 30.00-130.00u/L

!Haematocrit. 0.441L/L. 0.39-0.44l/L

!Serum total cholestrol level 6.4mmol/L

!Eosinophil count. 0.7 10*9/L 0.00-0.4010*9/L

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i wonder why your GP hasn't increased your medication. 100mcg isn't a high dose. Your TSH clearly needs to be brought down. Labs need to do as they're damn well told, especially when TSH is out of range which I'm assuming yours is, although you haven't posted range.

Your cholesterol looks a little high but that's par for the course with hypothyroidism and will likely decrease when you're adequately medicated.

Ferritin is just about adequate. Have you had vitD, B12 and folate checked? They're often deficient or low in range in hypo patients and benefit from being high in range.

I don't know anything about the other tests you posted.


It makes my blood boil with some GPs it's obvious you need an increase. My GP increased my medication when my TSH was 2.23 and all those adrenal symptoms went away. Being under medicated can be just as bad as being over.

I agree with Clutter your ferritin could be better as this mineral is required for converstion of T4 to T3 and it needs to be above 70 ideally nearer 90.

If need be you could do a private blood test with Blue Horizon. It costs about £60 -£70 pound with £10 discount if you quote Thyroid UK. It's a finger prick test, and is quick and easy.

My betting your T3 will be low in range with a TSH of 4 and with all of your symptoms.



Hi Yana I think I will probably go with Blue Horizon to get my T3 tested if I don't hear from my GP over the next few days.

Clutter thanks for responding. I was diagnosed over 10 years ago and have been taking 100mcg Levothyroxine pretty much the whole time.

The range for TSH is 0.30-6.00mu/L and serum free T4 is 10.002pm/L. My last result back in October was TSH 4.0mu/L (0.30-6.00mu/L)

I take my thyroxine as soon as I get up, I don't take any supplements but do take HRT and prochloperazine usually as the same time but have now stopped doing this and take my other meds later in the day as I am aware HRT can interfere with convertion/absorption. As far as I'm aware I take the same brand of Levo (Actavis/Almus) my GP wants to wait and see if the lab will reconsider testing my T3 before increasing my medication.

My symptoms are:

Extreme fatigue/lethargy

Dry skin/ flaky nails

Hair loss

Lost most of my eyebrows

Bursitis right hip

Cold hands and feet

Anxiety & panic attacks-surges of adrenaline running through my chest for no apparent reason ie when sat watching TV

Weight gain (2 stone over 2 years)

Thanks for your support xxx


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