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Help with test results

Below are test results received back beginning of January have been on 5mg carbimazole, I have over the last few weeks been feeling worse and worse with under and over symptoms. Are these readings indicating towards under or over.? Letter does say results show normal thyroid function, so why am I'm so ill?

Tsh 2.53 a free t4 16.4 and a free t3 of 4.8, Tsh receptor antibody mildly elevated 1.3iu/l tpo antibodies negative letter saying suggesting graves disease.

Many thanks would tear my hair out, but the rate it's falling out don't need to.

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Do you have reference ranges for these results? It is difficult to be sure without them but your T4 is extremely low, based on the lab range my GP uses and TSH is probably too high, (although may appear satisfactory to your endo.) I would think you are quite hypo and should be reducing Carbimazole but talk to your endo before doing anything and explain how ill you feel. Hope you get help soon.


Have edited mistyped t4 is 16.4


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