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Help please?

I am writing again about my boyfriend who is under Dr. P. I rang Dr. P's office today, but Dr. P is unavailable still due to ill health, and there was nobody I could ask a question.

John's early morning temperatures are all under 35c.

Pulse sitting. 52- 64. going up between 15/20 degrees when standing

B.P. sitting 99/54, 101/64. 102/60

B.P. standing. 106/59. 116/62. 118/77

All his symptoms are low thyroid, black rings under his eyes, and terrible fatigue. Would the above observations point more to thyroid than adrenal. Was thinking to try him with some Armour, but don't want to make things worse, if he still has adrenal issues. (sorry if I keep asking the same questions, but I have terrible brain fog due to low thyroid too)

All opinions welcome please

Thank you.

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His BP isn't dropping when he stands, so it could be that any adrenal support he is taking is helping. To me those symptoms could be adrenal, but that's because I know that my main problem is, and always has been, adrenal. Thyroid was a late comer to the party for me.

Do you have a recent set of thyroid tests to go on? What did Dr P suggest and what is your boyfriend taking?


Thank you Rosetrees, Dr. P put John on Adrenal Support/D/Co Q 10. He has stopped the Adrenal Support as he didn't feel any better. I have a bit of a battle with John, as supps' are expensive and he doesn't like parting with his loot, particularly if it isn't making him feel any better. He has never been ill before so doesn't realise just how important supplements are. He is going to do an Adrenal test at the weekend, so hopefully that may throw something up. Because of the dark marks at the corner of his eyes. I think he may be low in iron, and am buying some Spatone for him this afternoon. (getting some more for myself as my nails have started to peel). Never ending isn't it?


..there is a very useful questionnaire on Adrenals v Thyroid. Lots of questions with 3 answers - Adrenal - Neutral - Thyroid. Prhpas it could help to shed some light for you. Also there is useful information on about Adrenals and the temperature test you can do....

How long was John on the Adrenal Support - I believe it takes time to work.... Hope the iron helps....


Thank you Marz. He was on Adrenal Support for a few months increasing all the time. He had to stop at one time as it affected his vision, which put him off.

Thanks again


Hi , Sorry I cannot read any of the replies. however,I would suggest an on line TSH, T4 and Free T3. You could well be right, but it is possible that it is something else. I am sure the blood tests will give you clearer picture.So long as the FT3 and T4 are well in range, I am sure it would then be safe to treat with a low dose of armour.

Best wishes,



Thank you Jackie, will look in to tests.


If his temperature is that low it sounds as if he is hypo.


Thanks mstp, I think so too!


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