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Bit of advice please!

I'm currently taking 1 Adrenavive II a day and 1 Metavive I a day under the advice of Dr Peatfield.

I came off of my tiny dose of Levo as suggested by him. He did say see how I got on, he may look to increase the dose of the Metavive or Adrenavive depending on how I was doing.

So I'm finding that I'm starting to crash again. Arms and legs aching etc.

I've also just started cutting out gluten as my IBS/digestive issues have been horrendous. Surprisingly my stomach over the last day or two has improved enormously so I am starting to suspect that food intolerances are playing a part in all this.

The thing is I've tried to call Dr P and I've left a message but the office message said they were closed for the Summer Break?? So I'm wondering if he's actually working at the moment as I've not had a call back.

I'm considering adding in my Levo again. Dr P said my diagnosis was adrenal insufficiency and thyroid insufficiency but the main problem was, due to adrenal insufficiency my body was unable to use the thyroid hormone.

I know metavive and adrenavive are more supplements and there's no knowledge of what if any hormone they contain so I'm wondering if anyone else takes these things or similar alongside Levo or other thyroid meds.


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Hi there. I saw Dr P many years ago and followed his advice and felt normal. But then the supplements he advised were discontinued (Nutri Adrenal and Nutri Thyroid). I went for several months without them and began to feel all the old symptoms returning. Then I discovered that the Metavive and Adrenavive were available. I wrote to Dr P for advice but it was several months before I got a reply in very wobbly writing. The lovely man is not too well these days but is still trying to help us all! Meantime I had started again, introducing the new supplements gradually -adrenal one first, then thyroid. I am definitely improving again. I would suggest you read his book and gradually increase both supplements until you feel the results.

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.. And I forgot to say. My adrenals were also my biggest problem. Also, try phoning the office again. I think they're just really busy and he can't keep up.

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Thanks Mo I did wonder whether I should just do a slow increase. I have got his book. Problem is we moved recently and stupidly I packed it, just trying to find which box it is in. I will try the office again and maybe just slowly up the dose and see how it goes. Thanks for the reply. x


Hi, I spoke to Dr P's secretary yesterday and have made an appointment for a couple of weeks to see him. Just keep trying, I am sure you will get through sooner or later.


Ah fab thank you Sueews I'll keep persevering. I thought perhaps he wasn't working as the answer phone message said they were closed for the summer break, they've obviously just not updated it. Will keep calling. Thank you


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