My psychiatrist has stopped my T3 because the Director of Pharmacy from Staffordshire won't allow it. The NHS would rather spend £25,200!!

I suffer with Body Dysmorphic Disorder which is linked to low thyroid. Before I was on T3 my BDD was bad enough to be able to get inpatient treatment for 3 months which would cost the NHS £25,200. But I didn't need this after I went on T3. So now the NHS has stopped my T3 and I will end up having inpatient treatment, which won't cure my BDD if the cause is low thyroid, and will cost the NHS huge amount of money.

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  • ...probably because they are paying a ridiculous price for the T3 from the NHS instead of sourcing it from elsewhere. I am sorry you are having this problem - which does seem so unreasonable. Is there a chance you could buy it on-line from a reputable source as many people do here. Of course I am not advocating you self-medicate - but as you are already using T3 you are familiar with its usage.

    Do hope you can find a way.....

  • Hi Marz. It looks like I will have to buy it on-line. My T3 was costing the NHS £94 a month. It's just so stupid and I give up with the NHS.

  • I'm all for taking a stance on a point of principle to challenge irrational decisions but NOT at the cost of your health and well being.

    I would write to the Dir Pharmacy and your CCG advising them that the bottom line is £94 vs £25,000 if T3 is withdrawn and request they review the decision as a matter of urgency.

  • Hi Clutter. I've spoken to the Director and she said it's not about cost. She told me a psychiatrist shouldn't be prescribing T3, a GP/Endo should prescribe it. My Endo won't prescribe T3 because it makes my TSH out of range (too low).

  • The directory of pharmacy is flat out wrong and has overstepped the mark. Psychiatrist's, like any doctor, may prescribe any medication they believe will benefit their patients.

    If your psychiatrist won't make waves why not write to his superior/head of dept and the Royal College of Psychiatrists and complain about interference in your treatment from a non-professional.

  • Hi Clutter. I called the RCP and they told me to call the patients association;

    They told me that my psychiatrist should be writing to the trust and telling them that I am responding to this medication for my BDD. So I'll try and get the psychiatrist to do this.

  • I hope this works for you and I respect the way you've refused to take it lying down. If you need an online source please pm me.

  • Thanks Clutter x

  • Neeta-K, I so hope this works for you. This makes me really mad. I'm crossing everything for you my lovely xx

  • Again...the same ole same ole..worship on TSH. Utter ignorance and wasting more money prevail on NHS!!

  • On the face of it this looks an absurd situation. Perhaps you could get your psychiatrist to throw some weight around ? Here's an interesting blog which shows things could be better :

  • Hi Mick. Thanks for the link. I can share this with the Director of Pharmacy at the Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust. My Psychiatrist sounds like he's had enough of the NHS. He wants to leave in 2 years. He's in his 50s and plans to retire early. He is stressed because of all the cuts and stress that puts on him and the mental health team. So I think he's given up.

  • Bless him - it sounds as if your sessions are a two-way street! If he's leaving anyway he might not mind making some waves on your behalf in the meantime ...?

  • I hope he helps me Humphrey.

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