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Working nights shifts , while thyroid suppressant.. Help

Hi can I get some advice, I am been taken to HR in regards to shift patterns . I work full time , not done nights but a change at work means we should Rota now. I take my thyroxin at night , and T 3 on waking so I am fit for an early shift. I also take statins at night . I worry that taking medications the wrong way round will effect my suppression.. Any one else in the same boat .

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Surely it is the amount of thyroxine you take that suppresses your TSH not the time when you take it.

If you feel T3 taken in the morning would prevent you sleeping you could try taking it at the same time as your T4.


Gives heart palpitations,


What is in your contract re hours you work? I would suggest checking that and hoping it states full time and the hours there. Then you could take that along and politely point that out and then state if it wasnt for my health I could be alot more flexible on my hours. Check your contract ASAP

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