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Hi , I was diagnosed with Graves in July after a long battle with many symptoms, I am on anti-thyroid but it still doesn't alleviate all the problems. Last week I had a bad week, one of the symptoms getting angry and irritable. I have an appointment on the 22nd with GP and the consultant to discuss options as feel very under educated by all this. My problem is quite dramatic, I went to the job center to ask if Employment and Support covered chronic thyroid problems as when I am in " relapse" it is very difficult to work. This woman said I should not mention it as I would risk having my eight year old being put into care !!!

Now my Graves was probably undiagnosed since I had her and possibly triggered by pregnancy as I was 6 stone when I gave birth ( normal (!!) weight 10 stone ).

I am very worried by this attitude as I am not a work shirker, I am postgraduate educated while being a single mother and having Graves, I am self employed and just want some support like it says on the website SUPPORT for my condition and I am told to not say anything...

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  • good grief why would your child be taken into care, sounds like that person did not know what they were talking about xxxx

  • I know , I was just so horrified as although my Graves can really put me through the ringer I have a lovely, sweet girl, I am well supported by family who know that my Hyper symptoms can be difficult to deal with ,more difficult to deal with is the physical aches and electric feeling I have in my legs. I feel so upset by it as it feels like if you too sick to work ( which sometimes I am , sometimes I am not ) then I am too sick to look after my child. I am too frightened now too approach it until I have seen my very nice GP

  • !!!! I can't believe she said that!!! I went onto ESA mid September due to being severely hypo despite meds. It was difficult to even look for a job never mind actually do one. As long as you get a sick note from your doctor you are covered, and they should pay you. You'll have to go for a medical after about 12 weeks (I'm not looking forward to that - as we know most doctors think it's all in your head!).

    Hope this helps

    Rose xxx

  • It is so nice to hear from people who get IT.

    Thank you x

  • Hi Lizziefh, so sorry to hear about your personal situation. I got Graves when my children were in their early teens and I can remember thinking 'its a good job the children are older'. I do feel for you. I can't offer any help re how employment terms and conditions of sickness go BUT ask you to try and keep focussed (even though I am sure you feel that you are hanging by a thread) and just pace yourself and do what you can when you are having a good day and then take it steady on the bad days.

    I think the lady who mentioned the risk of your child being put into care maybe didn't realise what impact a sweeping statement like that can have on someone. Rose offered some good information about medical notes. I am sure you will find a medical practitioner who can help you and hope this is sooner for you rather than suffering these horrible symptoms. Sending you a big hug and wish I was nearer to assist. Sunshinexx

  • Thank you all so much xxx

  • Dear lizzie, just want to reassure you that actual ABUSE has to be very EVIDENT before your children would be taken away. That was such a sweeping statement and I wonder at her motives? Before my hypothyroidism I was a social worker so I can confidently reassure you. Its great that you have good support in your family and a great GP. 3 cheers for all those good gp's. Wishing you stamina and strength. katey.

  • Hi

    I too am asingle parent with graves and it is hard - my family are miles away do no support . my son is a teenager - i rembember throwing something at him,soft... but i told him it is my thyroid,,still feel guilty for snapping. and being irratable a lot..

    I have told my work - but taken a week off . but i have pains in my arm,,i am afrid to be made redundant so keep quit as much as poss,,,its a horrible position.

    dont listen to stupid woman...about care -rubbish.

    talk to your son explain the condition,,,


  • sorry about terrible spelling!

    take care all xxxxx


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