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Hey so I've been suffering from under active thyroid symptoms for a while now but the doctors have tested me and said everything's fine. It's not, I get freezing cold feet while wearing two socks and slippers; I would get extremely tired; a couple of years ago I gained some weight (only a few pounds but it was noticeable) and haven't been able to shift it despite healthy eating and exercise. I also have pcos but I know it's not impossible to lose weight with that however I've not noticed any weight loss for like 3 years. I started taking desiccated thyroid (greater pharma thiroyd) almost 2 weeks ago at 1/4 a tablet in the morning then at lunchtime. However for a few days I've got headaches that pop up now and then throughout the day and I'm having trouble getting off to sleep. Is this normal? Is my body just getting used to the thyroid or am I just kidding myself? Any help would be so appreciated thank you!

(P.s I also had private blood test done over a year ago I could post the results if that's helpful?)

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I'm not sure how helpful 12 months old tests are but post them with the lab ranges (figures in brackets after results) anyway. You ought to have retested thyroid function before you started taking NDT to gauge what dose you need.


them symptoms sound like you have had too much ndt,i would cut back a bit until you get bloods done again and see what you need.


i hate being cold all the time too and feeling like crap and losing my hair is the worst oh and i cant lose weight either if i am not on ndt(t3 in it is what has saved me) unfortunately i only have damaged ndt extract and its useless,even if i take 10 pills of grain i am still cold all my symptoms are bacjk with a vengeance.

i need to get more asap so if any one else knows some good sites to get t3 from that are good prices and not fakes that would be awesome.i have been told a few already which im so grateful too but more info the better and more good reviews the better.just pm me if anyone has any good reviews on sites.



oh yeah how is your body temp now you taking them?are you hot when you have insomnia and head aches?


The symptoms you listed can also be caused by insulin resistance/PCOS/diabetes. Hair loss goes along with these diseases as well. You should not treat with thyroid meds unless you know that your TSH is high or Free T4/T3 are low.

I have both diabetes and hashimotos hypothyroidism and I sometimes have trouble differentiating between the two symptom-wise. In fact, my diabetes didn't show up for 2 years after I started testing my glucose at home (just some tests were out of range, with the majority in-range). You may want to purchase a glucometer and test your glucose in the mornings when you wake up and 2 hours after eating.

My doctor said that most of her diabetic patients are hypothyroid and vice versa. These diseases seem to go hand in hand.


Here's a link to underactive thyroid info.

Dr Bernstein says that according to his several decades of treating patients, about 97 patients in every 100 diabetic patients, have underactive thyroid which went unrecognised and untreated by their previous medics. I recently posted his video on this issue.


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