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Treatment With Thyroid hormone - an abstract

Here is a link to a paper that looks rather interesting. Unfortunately, as is so often the case, it is stuck behind a pay Wall :( I have pasted the abstract below. I wish I knew what the findings were!

Treatment With Thyroid Hormone -

Bernadette Biondi and Leonard Wartofsky


Thyroid hormone deficiency can have important repercussions. Treatment with thyroid hormone in replacement doses is essential in patients with hypothyroidism. In this review, we critically discuss the thyroid hormone formulations that are available and approaches to correct replacement therapy with thyroid hormone in primary and central hypothyroidism in different periods of life such as pregnancy, birth, infancy, childhood, and adolescence as well as in adult patients, the elderly, and in patients with comorbidities. Despite the frequent and long term use of l-T4, several studies have documented frequent under- and overtreatment during replacement therapy in hypothyroid patients. We assess the factors determining l-T4 requirements (sex, age, gender, menstrual status, body weight, and lean body mass), the major causes of failure to achieve optimal serum TSH levels in undertreated patients (poor patient compliance, timing of l-T4 administration, interferences with absorption, gastrointestinal diseases, and drugs), and the adverse consequences of unintentional TSH suppression in overtreated patients. Opinions differ regarding the treatment of mild thyroid hormone deficiency, and we examine the recent evidence favoring treatment of this condition. New data suggesting that combined therapy with T3 and T4 could be indicated in some patients with hypothyroidism are assessed, and the indications for TSH suppression with l-T4 in patients with euthyroid multinodular goiter and in those with differentiated thyroid cancer are reviewed. Lastly, we address the potential use of thyroid hormones or their analogs in obese patients and in severe cardiac diseases, dyslipidemia, and nonthyroidal illnesses.

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I might be able to get some of these through my uni access. I'll check tomorrow


Thanks :)


I really wanted to read it as well.

Click on the name Bernadette Biondi on your link and see the other papers with her as author!

Not sure if this link will work:

The Normal TSH Reference Range: What Has Changed in the Last Decade?

Combination Treatment with T4 and T3: Toward Personalized Replacement Therapy in Hypothyroidism?

Effects of Thyroid Hormone on Cardiac Function - The Relative Importance of Heart Rate, Loading Conditions, and Myocardial Contractility in the Regulation of Cardiac Performance in Human Hyperthyroidism

Thyroid and Obesity: An Intriguing Relationship

Endogenous Subclinical Hyperthyroidism Affects Quality of Life and Cardiac Morphology and Function in Young and Middle-Aged Patients

One very busy person with an obvious and very deep interest in things to do with thyroid. And many of the papers are free access. Maybe the latest one will become accessible in time? Please!!!


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I hope it does. I shall have a read of the others. Thanks :)


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