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I feel like there is something else going on. What other autoimmune disorders are linked to thyroid and antibodies?

I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia a few years ago but the diagnosis never sat right with me. I don't have the tender points etc. Any way I always suspected I had thyroid problems despite my doctors insisting I was fine. So now I have a TSH of 11.48 peroxidase antibodies of 384 and thyroglobulin antibodies of 197.3. My GP is starting to listen but wants to redo the bloods first. I've heard people say some other autoimmune disorders can be linked to autoimmune thyroid disorders. But I don't know what these are. What tests might be useful? What should I look out for? X

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I am a bit confused. Has your doc started you on thyroid medication? Without the reference range it is hard to be sure but by the range I know, your TSH is above normal and he should be in no doubt. Why is he testing again?

I don't think at this stage you should worry too much about other auto immune disorders, when it looks as though you have thyroid probs. Try to sort this out first and your fibro and other symptoms will probably improve.


Because there original test was done privately and my GP is a complete idiot. She also told me she couldn't understand why id be off of work. . . Erm because I can't stay awake for more than a few hours I have complete mental brain fog cant drive safely or wake up in the morning. Then theres the pain and nerve sensations. I could go on!!!


I've been on levo before under Dr S without much luck... so I don't hold out much hope. All I really want is my GP to confirm the diagnosis and ill start taking NDT Under Dr Chapman. I want an official diagnosis so I can be monitored etc on the NHS I plan on starting a family in the next few years so I'd like the NHS to believe I have a problem at the very least x


Good luck. I hope you get the diagnosis and can start on the road to recovery.


Well from what I have read once you have an autoimmune diagnosis you are likely to develop other autoimmune problems. Amongst them there is pernicious anemia, Addisons,lupus, vitiligo,alopecia...erm sorry brain fog doing its thing and I can't remember the rest. Ah here we go found a link that might be useful So things that might need testing are cortisol levels, DHEA,calcium and phosphate levels. Hope this helps.



Just for your info and you were diagnosed with fibro due to the fact that the TSH hadn't risen.


Hi There are many autoimmune diseases, could be any. I had 12 at my last count, consultant, I have never bothered.The autoimmune hormonal ones are most common, lots of those too, Diabetes, B12, Caeliac disease, Pancreatitis causing low absorption, , Gall bladder, patches on the skin with a fancy name, however, they do not matter as do not need treating.

Best wishes,



Hi - I would ask for my ANA to be taken to rule out Lupus and Scleroderma as well as Sjogrens. Also ask for tests for B12 and Rheumatoid Factor as well as your inflammatory markers (ESR and CRP).

Were you referred to a rheumatologist for the diagnosis of Fibro? If not, and you feel your GP is useless, then push for this referral as Fibro comes under the arthritis heading and many autoimmune diseases come under rheumatology. Hope this helps.


It is a fact that if you have one autoimmune disease, you are more likely to develop more. I have hashimotos. I have had it for over 25 years. My first nodule was found after my youngest son was born and he is 21. I have not been given treatment in all this time so I suffer daily. I have also been diagnosed wit two autoimmune liver diseases and there is some mention in clinical papers that there is a direct link between hashis and autoimmune liver disease. I am so very sure in my heart and soul that if my hashis had been treated, my antibodies would not be looking for anything else to damage. I am positive that I would not be in the situation I am had I received the treatment I so desperately need for my thyroid.....I did say need because despite my suffering my GP has taken a wait and see approach to my hashis...twenty one years on and I still have not been given treatment for my hashis...I also believe that throughout my life, many things could have been avoided if I had been given the right treatment for my thyroid including a hysterectomy aged 29.

The two liver diseases I have are autoimmune hepatitis and primary biliary life is not like it used to be, there has had to be so many life changes so I can cope on a daily basis.....I feel crap most days and know it's not my liver because despite these dreaded diseases, my liver function tests are normal so the medication I am taking is working. There is no cure for autoimmune liver disease but it can be controlled to some extent. Since my diagnosis I advise everyone with hashis to get regular liver function tests and if any come back just a little out of whack, I say demand to be tested for autoimmune liver disease because in my experience, I would always edge on caution now and I do not wish what I have on any on else.



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