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Holidays abroad

When I first started on levothyroxine in August last year I went on holiday to Crete about 2 weeks later. My ankles blew up straight away when normally this doesn't happen until half way through the 2nd week and then about 3 days into the holiday I went in the sun for about half an hour and started vomiting and going really cold. This lasted about a day but I was still unwell for about 2 to 3 days and it seemed I had suffered due to the heat. Going to Crete again this summer and wondering whether to just stay in the shade for 2 weeks. Have never had this happen to me before abroad and could only think the difference was my new medication. Anybody got any ideas about this?

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oldestnewest you have any recent blood test results with their ranges. If so then post them here and someone will help you. I think the symptoms you mention are due to being Hypo - my ankles were always swollen on flights - not anymore ! I was also sensitive to the sun - not anymore. My Hashimotos was diagnosed in 2005 and the treatment has hopefully this summer things will be better for you. Do you have any blood pressure issues ? Swelling of the ankles can sometimes indicate an issue with the kidneys not an expert - just a fellow sufferer :-)

Have you had all the other tests - B12 VitD Ferritin Folate Iron - they all need to be high in their ranges. Do not accept - they are normal - from your GP. Do you have Hashimotos ? Good levels are required for the conversion of T4 into the Active T3.

Where in Crete are you visiting ? I have lived in Crete for 10 years and I am in Vamos - halfway between Chania and Rethymnon. My Thyroid illness was diagnosed here and I have not experienced many of the problems others have suffered on this forum. So be assured you are in a safe place if you are feeling unwell whilst away.....


I used to visit Crete throughout the 70's. I still have friends there. I have seen people on holiday there very much like you and the reason being too much sun. In August there is a constant breeze coming down from the north, forgotten its name now. We were warned by our Cretan friends to be careful as the breeze keeps you cool and so its very easy to get sun stroke as the sun is still burning. We also drank liquids continuous and ate a lot of water melon to keep hydrated. This could well be why you experienced these problems.


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