dr appointment monday

dr appointment monday

have doctors appointment on Monday -bit apprehensive as I sent an email to ask him to take me seriously re my stomach and to support me in issues with ENT and rheumatologist and their dismissal of symptoms.on lupus site someone mentioned sero negative lupus.i was diagnosed with sero negative poly arteritis(arthritis) in the very beginning so this could be why the rheumy dismissed my symptoms(didnt even give me the chance to say)-my dr told me bloods didn't show lupus.another ? to ask .want referrals to ENT and rheumatologist(maybe a different one)who knows about lupus-or a dermatologist re skin problems(lupus related)and mostly a gynae .go armed with my notebook where I have kept a daily diary of how each day is and of questions I need to ask/issues to bring to his attention

,my dogs are freaking me out with their behavior.one dog was asleep on the armchair when he suddenly sat bolt upright and looked like he'd seen a ghost and then curled back up to sleep.the other sat staring at him and then me for quite awhile like she was transfixed.scary!!

would not let me upload other pics

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  • You can only post one pic per post I'm afraid.

    Animals can be funny!

    Good luck at appointment.

  • thank you Louise,am slightly apprehensive about it.I believe (my) dogs do sense illness in their owners

  • Maybe they are sensing your worry about the appointment?

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