Mondays dr appointment/persistent pelvic pain

Mondays dr appointment/persistent pelvic pain

second attempt to post -wouldnt allow me to preview it before submitting so adding to it

Oh I forgot to say ,when mentioning thyroid symptoms+ swelling and knife like pain- gp s response was "your thyroid is down here".er I think I know where my thyroid is!!

sick of not being believed by family member.if it was my brothers wife having to put up with this neglect would he be the same then?would the gp say the same if it was his wife?

also recollecting today I have had this pelvic pain and recurring urine infections since\April of last year -if i remember correctly-definitely a long time-plus been told "protein in urine" 3 X btu not why.,is it about time gp considered this and investigated why. my Annie has been even more quiet and subdued than normal the last two days she has spent lying on the kitchen floor or by the front door but not wanting to go out.she is definitely not her normal self and is very concerned -she is by my side 24/7 .

Tuesday midnight .sure stomach is increasing daily-more so this evening but not eaten since dinner-( midday)and a cereal bar and satsuma at tea time.not fat -rock hard and very sore at sides and kidney areas.

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  • Poor you, it does sound like you are suffering.

    I too have always suffered with blood in my urine and recurrent kidney infections (agony). Despite all the tests under the sun I have never got to the bottom of why.

    I now have a suspected cyst on my ovary which is causing awful pain in my abdomen and bloating as well as acne to rival any teenager.

    You need to see a doctor, write down your symptoms before you go so they can be clear that although this is most like connected to your thyroid ( dr skinner told me that when one part of the endocrine system plays up it throws out all the others) it is not caused by your thyroid and needs further investigation.

    In the mean time should your pain be accompanied by a fever and/or vomiting seek urgent medical advise please.

    Good luck and feel better soon.

  • I was told by a homeopathist that if you have female troubles you have thyroid problems too. And boy that would be my truth. When I look back....cysts on my ovaries, endometriosis, total hysterectomy by the age of 23.... No children. I have a goitre and nodules and felt like hell for years, went private to find these things, of course I am normal!! NOT. Anyway, hope you get it fixed. If you have cysts in your ovaries it can make your tummy look like your are pregnant. Not sure if this helps. Hope so. X x

  • I don't know why you haven't been sent for further investigation. (Had a complete thyroid removal in 2006 due to cancer), I have had the same pain as you for about 18 months and at times it is crippling. My GP sent me to the muscular skeletal dept, who then sent me for a MRI scan. This showed I had arthiritis in my right hip and mildly in my left hip, along with inflammation in my pelvis. They have since referred me to the trauma & orthopaedic team at my local hospital. Ask your GP for an MRI, I am sure we cannot put all our aches and pains down to thyroid problems. I have also had a an op on my neck due to severe pain in my upper body , which also was not due to my thyroid or lack of it. Hope this helps

  • he refused to send me for a scan as said bloods(TSH)normal(3..2) will ask him for an MRI btu wont hold much hope.

  • Hi There

    I can't remember what tests you have had but have they looked at your ovaries?

    You've had an awful time of it i know!

    An ultrasound will show any abnormal swellings and possibly point to further investigations.

    Wish you well :-)

    Jayne xx

  • I last saw a gynae when at A&E a while ago,couldnt do a smear test -too painful-smears would only show cervical cancer cells-internal said couldn't feel anything and USS was said to be clear.his response was "it must be bowels"after already said I don't have bowel problem.symptoms still fit those of OC.cant find any other reason fro gaining 2 stone on my stomach.doubting cos drs have never given me straight answers for anything .see gp on 14th going to tell him I have had pelvic pain and cough fro a year + and 2 years respectively and want something done-as stomach still increasing -can feel it every day when dressed-pressure against clothes.gallbladder/thyroid linked either way-hypo thyroid can cause stones and gallbladder removal has caused several of members to have thyroid problems.feeling nauseous right now-,the video I posted that was on facebook is exactly how my dogs have been fro the last year at least.i was concerned for my older one as he was crying a lot (fro me -he s fine)and both dogs very "sad" and "concerned" following me everywhere and wanting me with them 24/7.acting strangely -doing things they wouldn't normally annie spending hours lying in the kitchen .

  • yes have had scans btu am not convinced cos of my symptoms and the facts that dr says at first it was "an age thing" then "ibs"-and my CA125 were always above range.if I can I will take and upload a pic of my ever increasing stomach-not due to diet ,ibs or lackof exercise.and scans/bloods aren't always reliable.

  • Its a blood test specific to ovarian cancer. The blood test with ultrasound is considered to be conclusive one way or the other. Separately there can be a tiny margin of doubt, but together is considered the gold standard diagnostic tool.

  • ca125 is blood test fro Ovarian cancer

  • not appearign to be stupid?what is a good is a good idea?which post were you referring to?hope buster does too

  • just about to upload it post

  • sorry my mistake.should have known you were referring to pic of stomach

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