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Loss of feeling

When i am laid down on my back my arms and legs become very heavy and i loose feeling in them and i am unable to move. At the same time i feel that my bowels are not working like they have shut down but not constipated. The following dayi feel very ill and cant get off the toilet in the morning.

I was wondering if anyone had felt like this and what was causing it.


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Hi yorkshiregirl44. Did you ever get that B12 and folate tested? If I remember rightly you had high MCH and high MCV. The nerve damage from deficiency can lead to loss of bowel and bladder function, please don't delay, ask for the tests.


Im having acth test doneon monday and the endo said she was going to do other blood tests..i asked about ferritin she didnt seem to agree with me. Its really odd whats going on with me...feeling ok one minute and then feeling terrible..have noticed that my body becomes very heavywhen laying down and the feeling that my bowelshave shut down is just feels that way.

I have somenerve damage fromspine degeneration i wonder if that could cause it...that saidi feelvery unwell when this is happening.


Forgot to mention that yes i did have high mcth i think it was..inever got to the bottom of that...


All I can say is insist they do B12 and folate tests, these are not expensive tests, they are routine, and your previous blood test results (high MCH / high MCV) point to this.

Untreated B12 deficiency can lead to Subacute Combined Degeneration of the Spinal Cord (SACD), which is explained in this neurology article:

You really need to make sure that your Endo and Neurologist are on the ball and looking for this, the damage will be irreversible if left untreated for too long.

Quite frankly, if they are testing you for adrenal insufficiency/Addisons Disease they should also test you for Pernicious Anaemia (which is the autoimmune version of B12 deficiency). These conditions are often found together, alongside Autoimmune Thyroid Disease. This is called Autoimmune Polyendocrine Syndrome.

Antibody tests for Pernicious Anaemia would be anti-intrinsic factor and anti-parietal cells.

If you're not sure about this, print this reply off (including the article) and show to your Endo on Monday. Better to test it and be wrong, than to ignore it in my opinion.

H x


thank you,is it ok if i pm you later




Could ask for a doppler (ultrasoud) scan of arteries, - just a thought to put your mind at ease, as I have neck nerve/artery trouble affecting arms - don't know how your spine degeneration could affects arms?? not that I have any medical knowledge - just had a lot of tests..... J :D (as well as checking out B12)


Thanks.. Can i ask you what kind of problems you have affecting your arms.

I have cervicalspondylitis affectingthe gp said this was probably causing the weakness tomy arms... im not so sure.


OK - it is neck then, (a lot happens here!)

I have extra mutant neck ribs at C7 impinging on stuff - I get some really weird sensations & no pulse if arms raised above 40˚ anyway - it's part of the Thoracic outlet 'syndrome' which includes whiplash/damage etc. - there's Fb support groups, a lot have had surgery.

If we only one problem at a time eh? J xx


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