Sick of feeling ill

Apart from many of the symptoms of adrenal fatugue that many people expereince which make you feel terrible. I was wondering if people feel very very poorly from the inside-out. Not the symptoms of fatigue, brain fog ot tiredness,,,,just quite ill but cant describe the feeling....Would appreciate any feedback on this...i am struggling to fully explain how i feel and the best i can do is to say i feel very poorly....

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Hi. Really sorry to hear you are feeling so poorly - it's horrid isn't it.

I'm not too sure what you are feeling or experiencing, as you say it's sometimes hard to find the right words to explain. I've definitely had days where I too feel ill. Not necessarily specifics like pains in legs or headache, but just a general feeling of being ill. Hang in there :)

Thanks... yes i am finding it hard to explain...iv posted my symptom before and got alot of feedback whoch pointed to adrenals or putrity problems...iv started toi have heat intoleance like never before,,,,nausea, lack of appetite, weight loss, dry mouth but no lack of saliva...worst is this horrible unwell feeling.

When yoi feel unwell isit due to adrenals?

To be honest, I'm not sure as I've never had them tested. Maybe I need to get them done. Most days I try to just battle through and ignore it all, as I haven't the energy to keep thinking about it :(

I jsu worrry im missing something that could be treated

You probably are! But finding out what it is and putting together the right combination of supplements and medications seems to be Byzantine in its complexity,Have a look here as a start: I agree its maddening to go to the doc and he asks what's wrong and one says 'I feel ill'. They get exasperated. You get exasperated. Nobody feels better. When you feel rotten try sitting for 5 minutes and running your mind round your body (f you see what I mean!). What feels less good than it should? In what way? Make a list. Next time you feel particularly limp, do it again. Check the new list against the old. Look for patterns. Actually, you may find the adrenal health quiz on the end of the link above gives you useful places to start. Good luck.

My reply just disappeared.......... lol its awful feeling ill and no answers, just makes you more worried, sorry you feel like this. Hugs, and I hope things get better soon.

Thanks, will keep posting,, it really helps to listen and to be listened to and you learn so much along the way.

I turn up at the GP surgery, see some obviously very ill folk, feel guilty and after the usual wait & mindless magazine, I forget & wonder why I'm there, despite writing things down like always cold, always tired, struggling with ordinary things at work, no energy, no appetite or inclination to do anything much, just survive. I can't get my feelings across - and always get offered ADs (I refuse and go, and I pay for my own tests like Vit D and B12, which sadly are ignored too). Perhaps keeping a diary would help. IMHO GPs are trained to spot acute not chronic disease.

It may help if you had someone with you who knows what's going on, even if they only remember what the doc said! (let me know if you find someone - I will borrow them!) J :D

I'm hoping someone 'assertive' who has got over this obstacle and can describe symptoms successfully, will chip in to help.

Well said... how come when ever i go the doctorsandhe askshow are you ..i always reply fine thanks..where is my brain. You mentioned taking someone with me when i go.... well heres a little story when my daughter insisted i needed to go see a doctor. I had had pain in my left ear...nothing too concerning byt my daughter wasworriesabout a noise shecould hearcomingfrom my a clicking noise. Anyway wearrived at the surgery and the doctoe lookedatmy ears,listened to the noise, asked me if i had ever had brain surgery,,,he then went to speak to another doctor becasue he didnt know what it was. When he was out of the room my daughter said tome i think you will have to have an emergency brain scan,her next question was would you have brain surgery..of coursei replies NO....the doctor reappears and says its ear wax and gave me ear drops.I have to laugh now..iwent from Brain surgery to ear drops in the space of 2 minutes. You have to laugh dont you.

Diary is helpful to drill down nebulous and vague symptoms which cumulatively make you feel very 'unwell' indeed.

Check out Listed are over 300 symptoms which may help you to express your own ills.

Big hug. It's a very hardgoing condition and most GPs honestly think Levo is a golden bullet cure all.

We all know on here how untrue the golden bullet is...foralot of us anyway

I'm convinced Levo poisoned me. Symptoms piled up and went when I stopped it. Just started MercuryPharma T3 again yesterday. Diarrhoea back already. Shall give it a couple more days & try out the Tiromel T3 and see if I do better on that.

I feel the same way. always tiered, spaced out, itching and anxiety ever since using this drug.. I am trying to find something else to try.

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