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Just a quick question - does this mean my Thyroid problem is caused by Hashimoto's??

Having learnt loads from this site over the past few months, I was determined to discover if my Hypo was caused by Hashi's. I arranged in December for a blood test to check antibodies (or so I thought) but it wasn't done. I managed to obtain a copy of all my blood tests the other week, going back to my PA diagnosis in 2011 and I had just started to write a letter to my doctor asking if my antibodies could be checked when, looking through my blood test results to demonstrate the need for this, I discovered that shortly after being diagnosed Hypo in May 2012, I had a blood test in July 2012 which showed my TPO antibodies as 730 (0 - 60.00) - this was never mentioned at the time even though it clearly states at the top of the test sheet "Follow-up action: Make an appointment to see doctor".

So - does this mean I have Hashimotos and if so, is there something I should have been doing/should do in order to make this better/go away?? I stopped eating all gluten some time ago and now have no bloating/cramps etc. and tend to follow a Paleo style diet which works well. I am taking all my vitamins (B12, D, Ferritin although not folate as currently too high) so I cannot imagine there is much more I can do??

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I'm no expert but I would say with numbers like that it most likely means Hashi. I have read that PA can cause moderate TPO ab but personally I wouldn't consider those numbers moderate.

Do you have numbers for b12,ferritin etc?


Yep - Dec 24th 2013 test - my B12 was 652 (180 - 914), Ferritin 56 (11.0 - 307.0) Folate 24 (4 - 20) and Vit D 107 (50 - 150). My TSH was 0.47 (0.3 - 5.6) and T4 10.8 (6.3 - 14.0) and I have just increased my Levo from 50 to 75 and feel better for it. As I say, I just wondered if it was necessary to do anything differently based on the antibodies result (although stable door and horse seem to be relevant in this case!!)


Sounds as if you are do so many good things for yourself. Selenium may well be worth adding. Have you read Izabella Wentz's book - Hashimotos - The Root Cause. She also has a website and her Newsletter is informative. She is a Pharmacist and has Hashimotos so comes at it from a thoughtful perspective.

Hope this helps....from a Hashi's Girl !


No, you are treated just the same, just that you now know what the cause is and can be on the lookout for other auto immune problems. Though hopefully you won't acquire any.. There is a book written by datis kharrizan, which I read a couple of years ago. He maintains you can change the auto immune numbers by diet, I found too many flaws to feel comfortable with his logic, but you might like it.....

The only time I have found it useful to know my hypo is caused by hashimotos, is if I am having a crap day ( for any reason). I can say its because of hashimotos, which to the un initiated, sounds like sone exotic but threatening disease.... ( actually that's pretty much what it is!), Good for sympathy but don't overuse it! :)



Wonderful - if I use the word Hashimotos in future when having a rubbish day it will sound far more 'important' - although I am convinced there was a Major Hashimoto on Tenko (TV series) so maybe not!


No... The tenko character was Major Yamauchi .... I really liked the series, but it was on tv over 30 years ago! I have never seen any repeats. Xx


This question has interested me as I was diagnosed with an underactive thyroid 2 years or so ago and am now on 100mg Levo, I have had my antibodies done regular and each time have been consistently high at around the 1300 mark but not once has doctor mentioned hashi's. I wonder if this is on my notes as being the cause? As said above, not a lot of difference to treatment but it would certainly be nice to know if it is stated you have it on records. Where do you stand with any kind of documentation where you need to put any Heath issues? As long as put underactive thyroid would it matter if says caused due to hashi's disease I wonder?!


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