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Paid to see private heart doc who specialises in arrythmias, as i have been having very bad palps.

He said it was my mitral valve thats leaking (mild to moderate) that is causing the palps, i have had a leaky valve for a few years. He also said that the menopause (been a year and 3 months since last period) and my thyroid meds would be contributing as well.

He said i have atrial tacycardia and missedbeats ectopics, he prescribed a low dose beta blocker but i am loathe to take it, he also mentioned that i would have to be careful that it didnt develop into atrial fibrillation.

I am so bloody fed up with doctors, and endos who dont give a bloody shit about my health, i cannot afford to go private any more, the heart doc said he will see me on n.h.s as he wants to keep an eye on me.

I am seeing my endo again but not sure when on waiting list, i want to ask him for a full mineral and hormone test, what should i be asking for specifically, and would adding a bit of t3 help my heart.

Sorry for long post am in the process of obtaining some lactose free thyroxine as i have heard its got less crap in it than the other disgusting stuff i am having to take.

So fed up of been ill its putting a massive strain on my buisness and my relationship my partner is now so fed up of the whole saga, and its making me feel so damn miserable.

I am usually a person who doesnt give in put am now at the point of giving up completely nobody seems to care.

Any info would be very helpful



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My heart troubles (missed beats and erratic) have all but gone and I put a lot of that down to my German levo so I think this is a good move on your part.

Correcting my iron levels also helped an awful lot so maybe check these - ferritin needs to be about 70 for thyroid meds to work properly.

I'd be surprised if your endo gives you T3 as they feel that this can cause heart troubles let alone give it to someone with existing heart troubles - but then I could be wrong and your endo might be all for it.

Hope this has helped.

Moggie x


Thanks moggie x


Ask the heart doc to test cellular magnesium levels (not serum blood levels). And also while you're there potassium, B12, folate, ferritin, vit D, calcium etc. He may even be interested in doing homocysteine and methylmalonic acid (MMA), you never know.

An article on magnesium:

One on homocysteine:



Will do, thanks so much



Iv been on 100mg of levo for a while and expereince palps like missed heart beats..its really un-nerving and seems to happen more when laying downor raisingmy arms up.iv just had 24 hr heart monitor test and waiting for results. Could you tell me what tests you had done to diagnose problemswith heart valve.



My heartbeat lets me know when my next T3 dose is due ! T3 came out well in research done in Italy at the Pisa Hospital. There is a Pub Med paper - detailing their research. It was the first time Cardiologists and Endocrinologists came together for the Research. There is a book of essays detailing the research but it is expensive on Amazon - you can look inside and read about the chapter contents....Thyroid and Heart Failure. Ignore the dramatic title - it is Italian after all :-)

T3 had a bad name after people taking it as an anti-depressant - realised they were losing weight - so they upped their doses and then had heart palpitations. This was back in the 50's I believe - but the reputation has stuck with the medics.


Hi dotti,

I have been on thyroid replacement past 13 years. synthetic t4 at first - useless for me, then introduced NDT + synthetic. Felt much better. My missed and eractic heartbeat much improved. still had a fluttering, like bubbles in water and occasional palps. Finally on full NDT 3 1/2 grains,, no synthetic. No palps, no flutterings and aching muscles so much improved. Despite what they say about t3, I know that by increasing my NDT to gain the benefit of increased t3, (and the other T's etc) I have managed to regulate my own heartbeat. :)


Thanks everyone for your replies, am due to see my endo again on the 5th Feb so am going armed with plenty of info.

Yorkshiregirl44 sorry for the late reply to your question, the test i had done was an Echo cardiogram completely painless procedure, and that is when they discovered my leaky heart valve.

Dotti x




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