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Just found this group as got fed up and wanted to talk to other people who have hypothyroidism. I was diagnosed in August but had a really awful time with the GP I visited who hardly gave me any info, said my blood test was negative but then found it was positive and had to keep asking other GPs what to do. I went for my 12 week check but still tired, piling on weight (despite eating healthily and exercising) and always freezing cold. Going back to the doctors and seeing a different GP as getting desperate now as 3 stone overweight and just gaining all the time.

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Welcome to the forum. The best way to get good advice is to post your latest thyroid blood test results with all the reference ranges, plus any other info, such as what and how much medication you are on. I am sure you will then get lots of advice. You may need to ask your GP for the results but you are quite entitled to have them, although they may make a fuss about it. Mine gives results over the phone, via the secretaries, so try that first. Hope you get them easily!

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Would love to help more - take a look at the Right of this page under Pinned Posts - You will see - Newbies - Start Here - Posting Hints and Tips. Click on and have a read. Also reading the MAIN Thyroid UK Website is so useful - all the information you will need.

Am afraid solving the mysteries of thyroid illness involves lots of reading - and then more reading. We also have to take control and when we understand the condition then we are able to ask the right questions of our doctors....

Good Luck...


Welcome aboard - great advise above and now you have found us you can start to take control of your own health. It will take a lot of effort on your part and some help from fellow sufferers like us but you'll soon get the hang of things.

Moggie x


Thanks for all the replies. Will see what they say at the docs, they can be a bit awkward


you just ring and ask them for a copy of your latest bloods,.shouldn't be a problem!:)


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