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Thyroid antibody test

I have had an antibody test done at GPS as I requested it. He said I only needed one blood test. It came back negative. I thought there were 2 tests done for thyroid antibodies. I have had under active thyroid for 16 years now and never feel well even though I am on 50mcg of t3. No thyroxine as felt even worse. My gp said having antibodies test is a waste of time anyway it doesn't prove anything, I am confused, can anyone help.

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What was the result of your anti-body test. Please post with range. You probably had the Anti-TPO tested. The other test - sometimes done is Anti-Tg....


It will show if your auto-immune (hashimotos) but according to them they have no cure for it. Tests undertaken are TPO + TGA antibodies!


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