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Does anyone know of a GP or endo in Edinburgh who would prescribe levo?

I need to find a GP or endo who would prescribe me levo in the Edinburgh area. I was a patient of Dr Skinner and saw him two weeks before he died. What a wonderful man he was. He will be sorely missed. He wrote my prescriptions for levo as my GP practice flatly refuses to as I am usually subclinical/borderline hypo and even though I said I was aware of the 'risks' and happy to sign something to that effect. He was alarmed by very low TSH on my last blood test. I was on 100 mg then and feeling better after nearly 10 years of suffering. The GP told me to reduce the dose to 75 and I am not feeling as good. Anyway, if anyone can help, I'd be most grateful.

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please contact wackythyroid by PM

She has some info



Thanks very much.


Here a few references that might help you with your GP.

“First of all, TSH is not a blood pressure. Blood pressure is a surrogate endpoint for clinical effectiveness and blood pressure has been correlated with mortality and morbidity. TSH has not been correlated in any prospective study that I’m aware of with clinical symptomatology of thyroid disease. (Toft A. Which thyroxine? Thyroid 2005; 15:124-6)

TSH is a poor measure of severity of tissue hypothyroidism.

BMJ 2003 326:295-296

Initiation of replacement therapy should be guided by clinical presentation and circulating thyroid hormones and not by TSH concentrations, a point discussed in an editorial by Toft and Beckett (p295)

Thyroid function tests and hypothyroidism

Dr. A. Toft

BMJ 2003;326:1087 (17 May, doi:10.1136/bmj.326.7398.1087

However, some achieve a sense of wellbeing only when serum thyroid stimulating hormone is suppressed, when we take care to ensure that serum triiodothyronine is unequivocally normal.’

Maybe if you could print these off and show it to your doctor, he may(?) change his mind.


Thank you so much. I will do that.


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