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I have an appointment with my Endo tomorrow, just picked up my blood results and desperately need some advice on what to say next!

Last March I posted my results and asked for opinions. The answer everyone came back with was that I was under-medicated and not doing very well on my meds. Here is what has happened since seeing my Endo in March

March results were : TSH 1.87 (0.3-5.5), fT4 15.3 (12-22), fT3 5 (3.1-6.8) Then dose was increased from 75mcg levothyroxine to 75 one day 100 the next.

June results were : TSH 1.32 ( as ^ ), fT4 14.3 ( as ^ ), fT3 4.5 ( as ^ )Then dose increased to 100mcg levo every day

August results were: TSH 1.51 ( as ^ ), fT4 17.4 ( as ^ ), fT3 5.2 ( as ^ ) Kept on 100mcg/day until Nov

November results : TSH 1.70 ( as^ ), fT4 15.5 ( as ^ ), fT3 4.7 ( as ^ ) Then increased to100mcg of levo + 10mcg of T3 /half a tablet every day

January results are : TSH 1.35 ( as^ ), fT4 12.1 ( as ^ ), fT3 4.4 ( as ^ )

I also had serum B12 done 426 ng/L (191-663)

My white blood cell count is also above range

I also now have another big problem, what I thought was sciatica has now been diagnosed as foraminal stenosis in L4 which is pressing on nerves + bulging disc. They've said I'm too young (46) and not being at my optimal level with my thyroid and being overweight with blood pressure they don't want to go down the major surgery route. The consultant did ask though if I had been tested for antibodies, would this explain that even though my doses have increased the blood results are going the wrong way?

I can't say that i feel much better on the T3 yet, is that because it is such a low dose ? Why has my fT4 almost gone under range. Still have all the syptoms as listed last year falling asleep, hair falling out, brittle nails, brain fogs,depression, weight gain, pain everywhere, depression, High blood pressure.......and so on.

Can anyone shed any light and give me some direction?


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Can I ak if you have had your vitd, iron, ferritin and folates tested and if so do you have the results to post. If not I would get them tested by the endo.

Your FT4 will be lower because you are taking t3.

Sounds like your consultant knows more about thyroid issues than some endo's and you really need to repeat what he has said to your endo. There is nothing like another consultant putting pressure on an endo to get good results - believe me I know as, like you, I couldn't have an op until the endo sorted me out and boy did he go the extra mile to do that - so I think this is your ace card.

It could well be low iron that is causing your problems as you sound exactly like I felt when my iron was on the floor and thyroid meds do not work at their best when someone has low iron.

Moggie x


Moggie, how did you get your iron up? My ferritin won't budge past 45.iknow it's not v low but want it at 70. I'm taking spatone each day and even get constipation with one sachet. :(


Then that could be the reason - Spatone, from what I have read on here, isn't very good. I take 20mg's of Ferrous Sulphate a day with a good quality vitC powder (lamberts) just after I have eaten (to avoid damaged to the lining of my gut). I priced up Ferrous Sulphate tablet and the cost £1.40 for 28 or 30. Taking a teaspoon of vitc powder with it might relieve consitpation (I only take a tiny bit on the end of a teaspoon).as vitc can cause lose stools.

It has taken me eight months but I am now at 67, from 12, and feel so much better.

Moggie x


You were doing so well at first, it's rather surprising that things are going awry. Moggie might be correct about the iron causing your meds to be ineffective. I think you should optimize your T3 and supplement with T4 if needed rather than use T4 and supplement with T3. Do you think they would allow you to take 50 T4 and work up to 20 T3? T3 will help you with your weight I think. And this will bypass the conversion problem if that is the cause of your lowered levels.

I just posted about the stenosis above. Again, since I started on T3 only, I am able to work out some fibrous tissue on my lower back. I don't know if my stenosis has improved but I am becoming more flexible where I had trouble twisting. Muscle issues are definitely involved with hypothyroidism.


If your ferritin is below 70

or your folate


vit d3




Are not in the upper quadrant of their ranges you will not be able to utilise thyroxine anyway


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