Hi, I have come back

First of all I would like to start off by saying sorry to anyone I have crossed wires with over my past posts/questions.

And secondly that I have decided to come back after deleting my account. (Jo853)

I don't like disagreeing with anyone and am always trying to be friendly to others so I have felt very bad about this. Hope all who are concerned understand.

Jo xxx

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  • Hi,

    I dont know what your post is refeering to but life is tough living with health problems that play havoc with us physically, mentally and emotionally. The world sometimes seems a very cold place and at least on here you can feel the warmth of peoples understanding.

    We get it wrong sometimes but we are human.

    Glad you decided to come back

  • Hi Yorkshiregirl44

    I fell out with someone on here and I've felt so bad about it that I left but decided to come back.


    Jo xxx

  • You have said sorry..not everyone can do that...

  • :)

  • welcome back karisma [ jo] , so glad that you havnt given up ....always remember that , in my opinion , the people on this site do only try to help --- at times it may not seem like it ---- but we are all here to support each other , as indeed you have in the past ---- even if it is just to empathise and understand what someone else is going through ---which you have done on many occasions ---- I hope that you had a restful festive break and recharged yourself ....alan x

  • Thanks Alan - by the way I've heard back from my endo's secretary!!! Will post this info on another post. Let me know what you think. Jo xxx

  • Yes, Jo we understand. Some of the articles which have been posted above yours, gives excellent reasons and it would seem to me that, in the UK, the Endocrinologists and doctors just don't understand how best to treat us. They obviously do not read research articles regarding thyroid gland problems and how best to give us back optimum health and to try and prevent other health problems arising.

  • Thanks Shaws. I never wanted to leave but I have to admit I have not taken very good care of myself with my illness and I've been in shock with it too. But I've had some good news today that has spurred me into action!

    Jo xxx

  • Jo, someone once said to me that "Life is a series of fresh starts".

    I thought that revealed wisdom. I have never forgotten it, and if something is upsetting me or distressing me, I make a mental 'clean sweep' and start all over again, try to forget or at least disregard what's gone before. It really does work wonders.

    Welcome back.

    If we were all normal. well, and self-confident we wouldn't need to be here in the first place, would we!


  • Hi Marram!! :) Something amazing has happened to me this morning and it has changed my entire outlook on how to look after myself.

    See latest post. :)

    Jo xxx

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