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Thyroid come back as ok

Hi I am new I had my medication reduced from 200mcg levothyroxine and 20mcg to 150mcg levothyroxine and I have since been told my thyroid levels have come back as ok. I was diagnosed in 2012.

Symptoms are flaking cuticles, migraines, pins and needles, hard stool, difficult swallowing, dry and itchy skin, feeling cold, flaky lips, bone pain, hair loss, heavy periods so since my thyroid has come back as ok I now feel like a hypochondriac.

Advice appreciated.

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Coral2 If you post your results, with reference ranges, members will be able to comment.

What were your results when you were on 200mcg Levo and 20mcg T3? What was the reason given for the reduction?

What are your current results on 150mcg Levo only that your GP says are OK?

If you don't have your results then ask your surgery for a print out, in the UK we are legally entitled to them under the Data Protection Act.

Have you had the following tested

Vit D




If so please post the results, if not ask for them to be done. Some of your symptoms can be indicative of low levels.

Have you had antibodies tested? Were they positive - Hashimoto's?


Thanks I asked the GP practice if I could have them and they refused saying they came back as ok and I need to know no more than that. They also said the endo should be discussing them with me and not the GP if I continue to have hypothyroid symptoms. Reason I had the reduction was the endo was taking the T3 away from me.

Antibody levels are

TPO antibody 104.5 (<34)

TG antibody 378.3 (<115)

I will post vitamin and mineral results now.


They cannot refuse to give you your blood test results. It's your right to access them. You can get online access but you need to request a password form your GP reception. They cannot refuse, it's a government initiative to give patients access. If you have problems, ask your practice manager to organise it.


Are you in the UK? Can't tell as you haven't completed your profile. It is your right to have your test results: they are yours and pertain to your health which, according to the nhs, you are supposed to be in partnership with the health service to maintain.

they refused saying they came back as ok and I need to know no more than that. Is that so. How patronising. How very, very wrong.

Your antediluvian practice can also be prosecuted for poking about in your records without adequate reason

Register for patient online. Do complete your profile on the forum, also ( click on the icon to the left of your name, or the down arrow to the right of your name) as without knowing where you are, some or all of this may be no use whatsoever ;)


I am in UK


I am a memer of Patient Online and I have no access to results just prescriptions and appointments.


Thanks I asked the GP practice if I could have them and they refused saying they came back as ok and I need to know no more than that.

Cheeky s*ds, they're breaking the law! The Data Protection Act 1998 means you are legally entitled to them.

I think it's only NHS England at the moment that does online access.


Just a taster of the positive. Cue middle aged snort of derision at the thought of enthusiastic campaigning by the practice and its Patient Participation Group,<means that> almost 60% of patients there have online access to their GP electronic health records.

My GP needs to wake up and smell the coffee... :P


To compensate for all those symptoms i take adrenal support digest support and vit c d. Selenium. Cal mag ashwanga rhodiola liquirice root tea and African potatoe.

Im stil horribly depressed and forgetful


Put it in writing to the practice manager that you have been refused and that you are entitled to them because. ....... They have to file any letters so won't want to have that put in writing so I'm sure that will ease getting them now and in the future.


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