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Adrenal/Thyroid supplements - is this a 'lifelong' commitment?

Hi All,

I realise that this might be a 'silly' question but, once you start treating for Adrenal or Thyroid issues, will you have to do this for life?

Also, do people find that over time, their requirments change in terms of what supplements/treatments need to be administered over time i.e. does it decline or improve and less/more/different is needed?

I am currently on Nutri Adrenal Extra as prescribed by a Nutritionist. How long would people anticipate that an individual would be on this for before being taken off/being put on additional/alternative treatment?

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I know that thyroid meds are for life and I think, but dont quote me on this, that adrenal meds are a long term thing and possibly for life.

Yes your dosage of thyroid medication can change. Some people find they need more in the winter than in the summer, some need less when they have got all their vitamins at optimal levels (I had to drop my thyroid medication twice once my iron was back where is should have been) and some people will need to tweek your dosage throughtout their life.

Cant comment on the Nutri Adrenal supplement as I know nothing about it sorry.

Hope this helps.

Moggie x


Thank you Moggie - I suspected this was the case. All for improving my personal health - what a shame this is not something that I cannot get support from my GP for and get in on the NHS

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Hi Maggie. You have just said what I was wondering about. I have recently increased vits and mins and suspected I was now taking to much Levo so thanks for saying that can be the case!


It was certainly the case with me anyway - glad you found the comment of use.

Moggie x


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