My New Year's resolution is to try harder with this petition

I wholeheartedly feel that the culture in our institutions and at times in the NHS could be improved for the sake of patients and staff. I have met many fantastical people who have helped me, but also have experienced the opposite.

The formal complaints system gobbles funds, and actually often leaves the public stranded and in a worse place, and then trotting off to the lawyers. As for medical staff who blow the whistle or who work outside their remit, usually as they are right, they are normally victimized out of their posts, leaving yet another expensive gap and a trail of gagging orders dished out in their wake by their local employer.

15.7 billion and rising in money spent leaking out and away to litigation. Please sign and circulate this petition... the paper was written after Staffordshire, and a very arrogant DOH, has sidelined the paper attached, people power would see it read. The original doctor who blew the whistle was institutionally victimized out of her post!

After signing the petition, please pass it on via other groups, by email, social network or wherever you can raise helpers to promote it.

I feel strongly about this, as the money saved would provide more money for staff and services and would fuel less complaint! Help change the culture and make it better for both sides of the fence:

Happy New Year. MaryF x

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Signed x

Thank you, and please if you can could you pass it on via email, facebook, other groups to help gain more signatures, thank you again. MaryF x


Thank you. MaryF x

Signed it MaryF :) Good on you.

Thanks and I know I sound like great granny's cracked record, but please also pass on if you can, thank you so much. MaryF x


Moggie x

Thanks v much. MaryF x

already signed ,passed on , and gathered a number of like minded people to promote it [ quite a few from a nearby teaching hospital ] ......good luck with your resolution .....alan xx

Thanks Alan... and have a read of my last blog! MaryF x

your very welcome mary , I have read your blog ....but havn't had chance to comment yet ------this bloody system keeps kicking me out half way through or diverting or freezing ----methinks a bounce or two off the wall is being called for [ I had to re-boot the damn thing 5 times to get the previous answer through ] .....and I aint got brain fog ==== at the moment ==== hope you had a good un .....alan xx

Signed it, lets have many more signing too x

Thank you so much. Thank you and yes please for any circulation via facebook, email etc etc. MaryF x

I've signed, emailed & posted it on facebook for friends & family to sign x :)

You are a total super star! MaryF x

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