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Gluten Free Recipe Request

Hi All

Does anyone have a tried and tested tasty Gluten Free Recipe!? We would like to include one in a new section of Harmony (our member magazine).

You can post it here or email it to me -

We want to get the magazine finished on Monday, so if you could get back to me quickly that would be great! :)

You can be named or be anonymous - up to you.

If it is not YOUR recipe, please can you credit where you got if from? Thanks!



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Hi Louise,

No tried and tested recipes yet as still experimenting with flours. However, it there is room to print a warning....

I made pizza with coconut flour and made my son & myself ill. He had chronic diarrhoea and I was very sick. After googling "coconut flour" it appears there are many others who have experienced the same reaction.

I would recommend that coconut flour be introduced slowly, perhaps initially mixed with another flour.

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Thanks! :)



Second attempt - have done this already, pressed submit reply and it went AWOL! So annoying. If you use it put me down as either fruitandnutcase or anonymous.

Have now deleted the multiple copies - I managed to post three, two here and one where I gave up and photographed the recipe after asking the HU techies to help. Don't know what's going on. Clearly some strange force field operating in my house at the moment 😊

Got the recipe from my friend Sarah - have no idea where she got it originally.

Chocolate Fudge Brownies.

150g butter, chopped coarsely

300g dark chocolate ( you can use 52% chocolate or a mixture of milk and dark)

300g firmly packed brown sugar ( I use light soft brown sugar but dark would do too)

3 eggs

75g hazelnut meal ( or ground almonds)

75g buckwheat flour

120g sour cream ( or half fat creme fraiche or low fat natural yoghurt)

25g Cocoa powder (sifted)

1) Preheat oven to 180C/160C for a fan oven

2) Grease 19x29cm cake tin, line base with baking paper extending at least 5cms over long sides

3) Melt butter and chocolate in medium saucepan over low heat. Stir in sugar and cook, stirring for 2minutes. Cool for 10minutes

4) Stir in eggs, then hazelnut meal (or ground almonds), sour cream (or creme fraiche or yoghurt) and 2 tablespoons of sifted cocoa powder. Spread mixture into the tin.

5) Bake brownies for about 45 minutes. Cool in tin before cutting into squares. You can serve them dusted in remaining cocoa powder.

They can be stored in the fridge for up to 4 days ( possibly longer) and become lovely and chewy if kept in the fridge.


Brill! Thanks FNC! xxxx


Took a while and a lot of effort and gnashing of teeth but it got to you in the end - three times 😊


This is lovely too - easy to make and travels well - it's from the Persiana cook book so you might have copyright issues


Thanks x

Reply has really good glutenfree recipes. Lot with coconut flour or almond flour. Tried multiple recipes and they all were delicious.


Thanks! xx


Some of Nigella's ones are very good.

This clementine cake I've posted on here before, it's both gluten and dairy free:

These are some of the best brownies I've tried, they use ground almonds instead of flour:

And her chocolate cloud cake is pretty good too:

Otherwise, I find that substituting Doves gluten free flour works quite well in a lot of recipes which call for wheat flour. Sometimes a little bit of extra liquid is needed.


Thanks xx


Nigella's lemon drizzle cake went down very well at support group a couple of years ago!


Thanks xx


Louise, I don't have a recipe but Kettner's in London used to make King Edward Pizza. The pizza base was crushed (not mashed) potatoes. Absolutely scrummy!


Thanks xx


I made GF doughnuts last night - recipe:

I used jersey milk, added vanilla extract to the butter/egg mix and rolled them, after cooking, in cinnamon caster sugar. Someone in my family who can eat gluten ended up eating half of them!


Thanks! xxx


Nigella's chocolate olive oil cake and lemon polenta cakes are gorgeous, and can be made dairy-free too. recipes on her website. They're so good that friends who don't have dietary restrictions have asked me for the recipes! ground almonds and polenta replace the flour. Yummy!

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coconut oil flour and milk. very easy! get a nutri bullet stuff in your fresh coconut meat with some filtered water and blend away! you will start to see oil on the edges of your blender. scoop that out and put into a jar. get a clean or new dry cloth and filter the milk and coconut excrement. cover the coconut excrement with the cloth and scrunch and twist out all the milk. empty the remaining amount of coconut meat into the blender with some water and repeat the process again.

with the remaining coconut meat don't throw it away! use it to make coconut flour. heat on a low temperture for about 10 to 15 minutes roughly more if need be. once it's all dried up put it all into the blender and blend for a minute and you have some coconut flour for baking. save your self some money and buy some coconuts instead of exploiting yourselves by saying 7 or so pounds for a bag of flour and a jar of oil and a pounds or some for coconut's just nonsense! you can even make coconut yoghurt from the coconut milk by adding lemon juice coconut butter and oil. make sure you have a really clean kitchen and keep the coconut milk exposed to the air to allow the bacteria to thrive over night and at room temp. you will then have yoghurt. you can also make your own whey protein from the coconut milk by adding lemon juice and just drink it as it is.

you can make anything from cakes to pancakes with your coconut flour. you can use the oil to fry your pancakes or whatever!

enjoy people


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