A tasty gluten/meat/dairy free curry

This curry isn't specifically for gluten free people but it has no gluten in it, is meat and dairy free (if, like me you dont make the chutney part of the recipe) so is also vegan friendly and it really tasty so thought I would post the link.



Moggie x

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Thanks Moggie,Sound just right of a winter meal.xx

...and so convalescence takes you to new and dizzy heights - bring it on Moggie ! M xx

Mmm - that looks good. I like the timetable and the pictures if what it ought to look like at each stage.

I've been making it for about a year now and find that it freezes well - I do put a whole tin of coconut milk in though as I find it to dry otherwise, but that's just personal taste. Also have a great stew recipe I will share soon.

Moggie x

I'll look out for that. x

Just posted it along with a really good site with nearly 400 GF choices.

Moggie x

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