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Eyes and under active thyroid ad thyroxine

Hello I mentioned previously that after changing from thyroxine to natural thyroid I found I could see on the dark much better . I was diagnosed with glaucoma 6 years ago having been on thyroxine for 6 years before that. Since changing to NDT the pressure in my eyes has come down . I asked of it was related to thyroid or thyroxine but this was quickly dismissed . However I think it is . No one in my family has ever had glaucoma by the way.

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If you follow this link you will see that there have been several threads about glaucoma and thyroid in the past:

Some were rather too complex to summarise so it seems far better to point you at them. But there certainly seems to be a link in some cases.



Ooh thanks I will read them now


I dont think theres any doubt that natural thyroid meds are far better for the whole body inc the eyes

my husband is checked every year for glaucoma because his mother had it and since he is 72 and been on ndt for years all is ok


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