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Does all hypo folk get foggy, anxiety symptoms and depressions?

Please can you let me know ?

As I know I am a worrying thinker, always have been? I know it doesn't change a lot but helps understanding

And enquiring mind sadly lol. There may be a middle line was all I'm wondering,

If say it is this kind of mind set that links to the adrenals pituatory and thyroid this way, that would be quite informative

Hope you d not mind me asking?

And certainly don't want to offend,


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Hi jeppy I can only speak for myself I definitely get brain fog , anxiety and depression especially when I'm not optimally medicated and also when B12 was low.

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Jeppy Well, I've only ever had the foggy symptoms.

Some people are born worriers.

Some people are prone to depression.

So it's not just a hypo thing.


You're certainly not offending :) I agree with Raventhorpe's reply. When optimally medicated I don't have brain fog, anxiety and depression, but when under medicated I do.

These are common symptoms with hypothyroidism and could be a sign of being on the wrong dose (usually under-medicated) and also vitamin/mineral deficiencies.

Do you have recent thyroid tests? How about vitamin B12, D, ferritin, folate? If so you could post the results here and maybe we can help you get to the bottom of this.


O bless trust me haha. I wish I hadn't asked after posting

I think it should read maybe?

Do all anxiety depression folk feel well when hypo and on the right dose? And what readings are you when you feel well?

Doc said those readings were ok? I'm goingtompay for a thorough testing of everything to sort this out once and for all

I know I feel really really fine and balanced after exercise, But realistically this can't be the top and bottom of it?

(H-- what happened when old and decrepit if not able ?)



... there has to be space also for the iOS and downs in life that do cause anxiety- otherwise we would all be a walking tablet ??


UPS sorry

I type too fast on I pad and it doesn't type


(It All could be seen as chicken and egg maybe, as the comment about young ones getting hypo too ..... no they haven't an 'aged gland'. but are their adrenals burnt out?

Over out 😊


My thought seaside susie (is that you sue?? Ha).

If you are right, that not all anxious folk have the problem, but if they too were left with the stuck button on when stressed, they might do?

Some download stress easier I'm sure, e.g. Having someone to talk to is the first call, not everyone has this, I don't for sure I put a face on for my big 'kids'.

Bit deep



Ps. Stress affects health one way or another for sure, my overload came after a rediculous stressful job (I went home each night and literally curled up in a ball for 2 hours, or was this thyroid haha?? And then I piled on weight. Overloaded


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