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Hi can somebody please tell me what the following are T4 of 9.7 pmol/L, TSH 10.1 mU/L, PTH 16.6 pmol/L and corrected calcium of 2.78 mmol/L

Hi I have been suffering for quite some time with poor health and terrible fatigue. My GP has put me on Thyroxine 25mcg after the above blood tests results but I still feel awful - can some please let me know what the blood results mean. Thank you

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You really need the ranges for those results ( they differ ) but going on my ranges your PTH and Calcium are to high which indicates Hyperparathyroidism, has your GP said anything about it ?

You need to be referred to an Endo for parathyroid disease.


Hi the information that I have posted are the only figures that I have received so far. I have not long had my first appointment with a Endocrine and Diabetic hospital doctor and they have asked for more blood tests and a 24 hour urine test. Thank you for your reply.


you are being kept on a dose of levo that is far too small, do you know why?


Hi no I don't know why my dosage is so low as the dose is blow what the manufacturer recommends?? Thank you for your reply.


How long have you been taking 25mcgs of levo?


Hi I have been on it for a little over 3 months. Thank you for your reply.


You are obviously on too low a dose of thyroid hormone! Also, depending on the normal ranges used in your assay, you may have a degree of hyperparathyroidism so that needs to be checked out too.


Hi I have just received my 2nd set of results from the Endo that is treating me at the hospital and they are as follows:

Vitamin D level 31.1 nmol/L - Calcium 2.78 mmol/L corrected with a PTH of 20.3 pmol/L. Calcium excretion calculated at 0.0088 based on these results the Endo could not exclude famililal hypocalciuric hypercalcaemia??? They have also prescribed me with Vitamin D Fultium D3 800u 1 tablet a day.

My TSH was 12.9 mU/L with a T4 9.9 pmol/L based on this result they have increased my thyroxine from 25 to 50mg daily.

I am not feeling any improvement with my health, lack of sleep, appetite and stomach issues. I am also experiencing very high blood pressure and was put on 25mg Losarton which I took for 3 weeks and this did not improve my high blood pressure so now my G.P. has doubled the dose to 50mg which still does not seem to improving the feeling in my chest.

Can anyone please help with the information that I have supplied, a plan of action, who should I approach and any questions that I need to be asking please.

I really am at a low point and don't know what to do next to get my life back on track.

Thank you


You clearly are very hypothyroid and your dosage of levothyroxine should be increased by 25mcg every 4 weeks

However recovery will be slow especially since its complicated by parathyroid problems

Your Endo should be explaining much more carefully its grossly unfair to treat you the way they have

Its also vital that tests for




Vit d3

Are done urgently .....your gp shojld be able to order it

Hypothyroid causes many vitamins and minerals to be trashed and the above 4 must be Halfway in their ranges

I trust you have been given the form to get lifelong prescription charges exemption


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