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After a very miserable year I got a new referral to an endo.This was my second time to go to one.The first visit was a dreadful experience and I was told there was nothing wrong with my thyroid by the most condescending doctor I have ever encountered.Well things went downhill and I was feeling really bad.I got a private referral.And this time it was a breath of fresh air.There was no question of me being hypothyroid.I was put on eltroxin and within days I was beginning to feel the benefits.It made such a difference to go to someone who knew what they were talking about,who listened to me and who noticed all the physical symptoms straight away.They want to have my TSH at 1 and will keep testing me every two months until we hit the right level.I feel hugely angry to have to wait so long for help but I am glad that things are coming back on track.

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  • That's good news and shows that we shouldn't have to put up with useless doctors. You're now getting the treatment you need and I hope that your health improves. It's a shame of course that you had no option but to go private.

  • It is a huge relief when you are finally diagnosed and put on medication.

    Now that the medication is beginning to work, I am sure you will feel a big improvement in a few weeks.


  • That is great news, the only thing that concerns me is that he seem to be wanting to test and keep TSH at 1. It is impossible to say at this stage at what level you will feel well, it could be a lot lower than 1and he needs to test Ft4 and FT3 as well. TSH is often a useless indication of thyroid levels and wellness.


  • Hi Roslin, I should have said about one. It is very much to be based on clinical symptoms which is a relief.

  • You should report the original endo to GMC for negligence

    Its time all these lousy endos were hauled up for incompetance

  • Absolutely. Write also to MP Caroline Spelman who has just taken up cudgels on our behalf. She's MP for Meriden.

  • Hear !!!!! Hear !!!!

  • I am so happy you found a good endo that would help you ....but wish you and many others didn't have to pay to find a good one

  • Thanks so much for the kind replies. It is so bad that I had to go private. It has been very expensive but it seems to have been worth it. Hope you all have a great Christmas! .

  • Merry Christmas to you too x

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