Treatment am considering going private any advice / recommendations?

I went to see the doctor as when I had a chest infection when abroad a year ago the French doctor was concerned about neck being swollen ...I was reading through a few posts before i went to my uk doc as feeling awful and was thinking my gosh doctors don't seem to understand it ... AND IT'S TRUE ... I left feeling like a fool and for no reason. she would only agree to testing TSH and T4 she looked at my neck and prodded it said OoOoo definite goitre (not sure if that's spelt correctly) very swollen etc and I asked for an ultrasound and the blood tests and she was like one step at a time and said because im a new paient she isn't going to just run every test I ask for!!

I get the results back on Monday problem is I'm too shattered to argue with her and my neck hurts feels like im being strangled.. I dont really want to see her again as she seemed like she isn't interested, was in a rush and was really rude and made me feel unable to chat to her.. My mums friend recommended a doctor in Belgium has anyone else done something like this to get treatment faster and more helpful????? I'm off travelling in May and I'm 21 I just want to feel good again and not like I'm 91.

Sorry to rant thanks for your help xx

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  • Go see her for the results and what treatment she recommends on Monday. Ask for a printout of your results with lab refs and post back here.

    Dr. has acknowledged your goiter and may start you on meds to shrink it or request further tests. Goiter can present in hypo and hyper px. Hyperactive px are usually referred to endocrinologists as it is trickier to treat.

    If you STILL don't like her, go to another GP in the practice and ask for the tests. If refused then get the tests done privately.

    Do ask for advice for coping with the pain and bear in mind that thyroid medication is a slow process, with testing 6/8 weeks-ish after starting and changing doses.

    May be an idea to take copies of tests when you're travelling for consultations/meds and bear in mind you're unlikely to get insurance cover for pre-existing conditions.

  • If you value your health, the harsh truth is that it is essential to go outside the nhs, and preferably outside the uk. When i first came to this country, i assumed the medical profession was on a par with the rest of the world. You need to understand nhs gps are revenue focused above all else. There is a bizarre funding points system in place that literally rewards failure. And do not expect the nhs to act on any private results you bring them. The best doctors in uk,in my experience,are from abroad. The best one is leaving uk imminently as he is fed up and who can blame him,he would have been my first recommendation. I also use a private gp in london,you dont say where you are,but let me know if you want details. Obviously it's better to go straight in to a specialist than a gp who will end up referring you on. Saying that,this gp knows more than all the useless nhs gps i've ever seen. Be smart and get copies of all nhs tests then take them to a private gp so you don't pay for the tests again. Do not do what i did and waste time and energy fightiing the injustices and service failures of the nhs, rather help yourself as best you can afford-before the nhs does your health permanent harm through inertia and incompetence

  • Well said. I couldn't agree more. Take charge of your own health. It is YOURS, not the NHS GP's. Jane x

  • Hi You need a free T3 test too for a proper diagnosis.


  • Hi Again,

    I was going to send you a PM but could not find your name, May be I am being thick here!

    Any way I have a brilliant lovely private Endo, if you want details send me a PM. Click on my name.


  • Your doctor sounds slightly unhinged. So if someone presents with a lump in their breast but they are a new patient, she will not bother to send her to a breast consultant? I don't think so! We thyroid patients are the Cinderellas of every GP practice. You could try a different doctor in the practice and ask for referral to an endo or yes, go privately. Frankly if you can find the money, it will be the best way. Don't assume all endos are good, however. Louise Warvill has a list but I will also pm you the name of someone I have just seen. Hope you get help soon. x

  • Thanks everyone, I'll see what happens Monday get printouts of the results and then take it in to my won hands! I will probably repost when I get my results to see what you all think.... Thanks is much for you help and the names :)

  • Hi, Louise could send you a list of private GP's but the Thyroid UK office is closed now till January, but hopefully someone will PM you some names. I suspect the private doctors' offices may be hard to contact over the next couple of weeks anyway. You are in a tricky situation, as if indeed you do need hospital treatment for a goitre you may need a referral from a UK doctor not one from abroad. Hopefully your own doctor will have come to her senses on Monday when you get your results, but don't hesitate to go private if you are not satisfied. Jane x

  • I suggest you wait and see what the results are and get the actual figures and reference ranges first

    I dont think you need to rush off to the famous Dr H in belguim just yet

    The one thing you do need is tests for







    I will bet all of them are very low indeed and will need correcting before you get any real benefit from thyroid treatment

    do also google Dr Peatfield+ iodine its an excellent article

  • Make an appointment with DR PEATFIELD.

  • Also we need to remind these GPs that the NHS isn't free and that's why we pay our National insurance. We also pay for their training.

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