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Just had my 3rd lot of blood test and these have come back normal....tsh of 1.79 t4 of 12.7 and my calcium is fine.qas diagnosed With an overactive thyroid 3months ago. Is it still possible to have the symptom even if blood test show normal.... Still awaiting for thyroid receptor antibodies results. Also had lump on collar bone which is growing, had X-ray and ultra sound done and nothing found.

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hi there doubledee , if you give the ranges of your lab [ you can + should always request them ] it would allow a proper and concise answer to your prob.... alan x


Let me guess, your nhs gp told you the results were normal? get a copy, including the ref ranges. Results without ranges mean nothing. Without your t3 and 4 results, we can't see whether you might have a problem converting t4 to 3. many people need a v low or even suppressed tsh to feel well. There are so many indicators besides tsh,which is all the nhs cares about. You need good levels of d3, Iron, etc for good thyroid health.


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